Cracking the secret of fashionable campsites! Why are Highlander wood tables so popular?

4 years ago

A camp table is an essential part of any campsite but it’s difficult to decide the best one to suit your needs from the many brands that are available.

From the information gathered during the interviews of the separately sold Go Out “THE CAMP STYLE BOOK 14” we ascertained that a certain brands gear is breaking through amongst fashionable campers.

That is the Highlander Wooden Roll Top Table! It is widely used by many campers including, families, couples and groups of friends. But what type of item is it exactly? We took to the field to find out!


First, who is Highlander?

Highlander is an original outdoor gear brand from EC web store Naturum.

Their lineup covers almost everything associated with camping, from large equipment such as tents and tarps, to camping furniture like chairs, cots, lanterns and kitchen tools as well as bonfire equipment. 

They have a large selection of wood based furniture and their price range is also very reasonable.


A wide selection of sizes to suit the situation!

This Wood Roll Top Table is available in three sizes, 50cm, 90cm, and 120cm.

The most popular size is 90cm which is shown in the photos and is perfectly suitable for a family of 4 to use. 

This size is reasonably priced at 11,180yen so for group camping events you may want to buy two.


The largest size is very popular as you only need one table!

Among regular users, the most common size was the long sized 120cm model. This model has 3 sets of legs as opposed to the usual two making it stable and usable by up to 6 people. 

This unexpectedly large size has made it very popular and the price is also a very reasonable 16,280yen (tax included). Whether it’s a large group camping trip with friends or family the convenience of a larger table can’t be ignored.


Perfect design for the mainstream popular low style table!

All of the table sizes are 43cm in height and match perfectly with other lower style furniture. There’s no need to worry about it not matching with the groups other furniture.

If you match the size of the table to your camping needs then there shouldn’t be any need to buy an extra additional table. 

The Highlander wood furniture matches with most camping equipment easily so if you don’t have any stylish wooden camp furniture yet make sure to give Highlander a look!

Photo/Taizo Shukuri