Snow Peak’s winter classic ‘Rainbow Stove’ gets a 2019 limited edition with a stark contour line.

3 years ago

Snow Peak’s signature Rainbow Stove has been gaining popularity since its debut as a major player in the Autumn/Winter heater market. Each year they release a limited color that gains a lot of interest from campers and 2019 is no exception with their latest limited edition model.

Snow Peak Rainbow Stove 2019 EDITION ¥49280

For the limited edition models that color of the main body as well the 7 colors that shine from the glass section and give it the Rainbow Stove name, are specially selected each year.

For the 2019 model a cool black body will be used while the colors inside the glass feature a contour line. This is to represent Tanigawadake where Snow Peak is based. This realistic landscape depiction is different to previous models which have featured fantasy settings such as the Valleys of Nausica or constellation patters.

This novel design features contour lines that you may see when are climbing mountains. From a distance these irregular and finely contoured lines may appear like camouflage and therefore have a great deal of appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

It is equipped with an electronic ignition system enabling simple lighting by simply turning the ignition handle. It also has the bonus of added safety.

The limited edition is expected to sell out fast so make sure to check out Snow Peak’s official online store to get your hands on one before its too late.

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