The Go Out Camp annual tent site snap collection. Here are 5 key points to getting your camp site snapped at the event.

4 years ago

The annual Go Out Camp vol. 15 will finally be held in two weeks time. We always make sure to get the best snaps of fashionable camping styles, if you’ve attended were sure you have witnessed these interviews before. 

Of course Go Out Camp vol.15 will be covered separately in Go Out “THE CAMP STYLE BOOK 14” which is scheduled to be released on Sunday 20th October.


What are key points for getting your camp site snapped?

The camp style snaps that are published are selected from hundreds of different sites and in the end only a dozen or so are chosen. Some campers have had their camp sites photographed multiple years in a row, so what are some of the criteria that make your site snap worthy?

So, we have decided this time to share some of the secrets to being interviewed and getting your camp site photographed. We spoke to the editorial staff of “THE CAMP STYLE BOOK”, who has posted more than 700 camper’s tent sites so far.


[Point 1] Topical Gear

Everyone pays attention to gear that has been released within this year and from brands that are being talked about among campers.

Such examples are The North Face’s Geodome 4 in 2018 as well as Zane Arts 2019 tent collection. These brands and gear have been previously introduced in Go Out and Go Out Online. 

Camp sites with these on trend items have a higher chance of being photographed.


[Point 2] Unify the color and style.

Sites that have a sense of unity in the color scheme are easy to notice, for example red and yellow, or black and white. 

Other ways of creating a unified sense of style could be matching earthy colors with American vintage furniture. Combining the atmosphere of the camp site with the overall fashion and style is important. Our fashion editorial department pay particular attention to these types of details.


[Point 3] Use fashion brand’s gear.

In addition to Mountain research, camp gear has recently been released by clothing brands such as Alexander Lee Chan and natal Design 

Fashion brand’s camping gear creates a stylish impression just by using it. Our snap team is always on the lookout for camp gear from fashionable brands.


[Point 4] Full of ingenuity! DIY camp gear catches the eye.

DIY has become a staple not just for interior and home design but also for the camp scene. Camp gear that is full of originality that no one else owns is sure to catch the eye. 

There are many people who want to make their own furniture such as chair covers and iron products as well as wooden furniture. This type of camp gear that has been made with convenience in mind is often packed with ingenuity and inspires others to try and make their own. Camp sites that a feature a strong collection of self made gear is sure to be useful as reference material and have its photo snapped.


[Point 5] Make use of indoor items.

Many people are bringing along interior goods and furniture, not only items made for the outdoors. 

Camping gear often places great emphasis on specifications such as waterproofing and resistance to dirt but there are also many sophisticated interior items that can be used for camping too. This added layer of charm may well catch the interest of the interviewers!


Put these points into practice at Go Out Camp Vol.15!

All of the points we covered here are likely to be practiced immediately at the next event. If you take these points into consideration you might be asked by our editorial time for your picture to be taken! 

Having your camp site photographed will also make a great memory of the experience at Go Out Camp Vol.15 so make sure to do set up your best campsite!