Perfect style and functionality. The new style chair from OUTPUT LIFE is sure to be a major hit!

4 years ago

OUTPUT LIFE are a brand built upon the idea of bringing the interior outdoors and offer a wide range of high quality camping furniture. The brand new Swivel Chair, planned for release this Spring seems to be a very useful new addition to the lineup.


The new Swivel Chair from OUTPUT LIFE is a single person use swivel chair with armrests. Due to its rotational properties it will be very useful when using in a campsite or indoors a small tent.

For example, when using in the front room of a shelter or tent, there are often cases where a dining table is arranged with burners arranged on either side so a chair that can rotate while sitting is very handy for accessing everything you need while cooking without having to stand up and manually turn your chair each time.

Additionally when in small tents of shelters, it is often difficult to get up from the chair because there is no space to lower the chair back however this can be turned sideways to make getting up much easier.

For solo camps this chair is also convenient to use like a cockpit chair with your bonfire, table and other camping gear arranged around your chair. It is also made very compact for easy storage.

The chair legs are very stable and difficult to get stuck in the ground. While it has not received final testing the expected load capacity is expected to be over 100kg. The seat is available in two colors, khaki and beige while the frame color is the same in both.

The expected release is April of this year however this may be delayed due to the global Corona virus epidemic.

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