Pocketable bag with 2 way specifications. “go slow caravan”’s classic tote is further improved and in new prints!

4 years ago

“go slow caravan(GSC)” is a brand founded by members who all love outdoor activities. The brand has an immediately noticeable pop aesthetic but their highly functional accessories are also highly rated by many people fans. One of their first hits to sell out was the Pocketable Tote. They have now further re-iterated and updated this staple classic.

Special materials merge with punchy patterns to create a new masterpiece.

gsc magic protection packable tote bag     ¥10450

Just as with the original it can be used in two ways as either a backpack or as a tote bag as well as having the packable functionality. The newly adopted Magic Protection material provides a smooth texture as well as scratch resistance. The psychedelic pattern that is synonymous with GSC is also a welcome addition.

gsc multi-color packable tote bag   ¥10450

This version with the pyschadelic pattern and high impact space graphic, uses lightweight and tear-resistant ripstop fabric. In addition to the excellent portability with its packable function, its 2 way versatility, the pop styled graphics also make it a great accessory for fashionistas.

gsc multi-color packable tote bag    ¥10450

Gimmicks that were popular previously such as a compression strap that can adjust the side according to the size of the contents and a shoulder harness that can be stored on the back have remained while the base designed has been evolved to make this new collection unique in its own right. The strong pop fashion aesthetic makes it equally usable in town or outdoors.

■go slow caravan https://sanko-bazaar.jp