Smokeless and chimneyless campfire that can be easily used inside a tent as a stove!

4 years ago

CAMPOOPARTS, who continue to create up and coming camping gear, have announced a unique, stylish and practical camping fireplace. Since it uses bioethanol as fuel, it doesn’t emit any harmful smoke and is very safe so it can be used without a chimney in a tent.

No smoke! Ideal for use in tents!

TENTO stove CPD3 ¥59800

The source of fuel used is bioethanol instead of wood, therefore there is no need for a chimney to be installed as only carbon dioxide and water are emitted when lit. Of course it needs a minimum level of ventilation but it does not emit any carbon monoxide so its can be safely used inside a tent.

Bioethanol from Hiroba Zero is recommended to use as 2L will burn for about 3 hours. In the case of a two night camping trip then it would be sufficient to prepare 4-6L.


Ambience and practicality.

It continues to burn with a beautiful fluttering flame. It doesn’t have the same amount of power as a wood stove that can burn very vigorously however as no heat is expended from a chimney it can sufficiently heat the inside of the tent.

It has been designed with an emphasis on atmosphere and for staring into the flames and while it has not been designed primarily for cooking there is no problem with the pots heat retention.


Easy to carry with the storage bag.

The legs can be removed, stacked and put into a special storage case and carried outdoors at anytime. It has an elegant design that is equally impressive for use in the living room for heating and then carried outside for use in a tent when camping on the weekend.

Reservations are currently being accepted online with an expected shipping schedule of March 25, 2020.


Material:Iron(Body)/Stainless Steel(Burner)
Weight:Approx. 11.5kg
※Heat resistant coating
※Comes with the special carry case.