LOGOS birth another masterpiece bonfire made in Japan and with 3 times the thickness of standard stainless steel.

4 years ago

Logos are well known for their popular classic bonfire ‘Pyramid Takibi’. Campers who have experimented with international and new brands of bonfires are said to be returning to this classic pyramid due to its excellent cost effectiveness. Logos are answering this call with domestically made, super high quality additions to the series. 

3 times thicker, highest grade stainless steel.

LOGOS the pyramid master ¥59400

This new model bonfire has simple yet beautiful form with a sense of luxury. Of course, the performance is also top notch. The stainless steel used is three times as thick as the conventional model, and the stability and durability are of the highest level. You could say that this is a bonfire for life.

Utilizing high-precision laser cutting technology unique to Japan, the details are precise and beautiful. No screws are required during assembly, just insert the protruding part of each part into the notch.


Varied arrangements even allow the use of long firewood.

The Pyramid TAKIBI series has always had a reputation for being easy to set up with firewood has no been further upgraded. By removing only one side plate, it is possible to handle firewood that does not normally fit on the grate.


It can be stored at a thickness of only 2cm.

Here is the bonfire in its disassembled state. When carrying, of course, they can be stacked and stored compactly. The thickness at the time of storage is about 2cm, and the compactness is also excellent. It is also very useful that each part can be washed separately.


Weight:Approx. 9.6kg
Size:Approx. W51×D51×H31cm
Fire Floor:Approx. W39×D38×H10.5cm
Stored Size:Approx. W51×D51×H2cm
Material:Stainless Steel

■LOGOS CORPORATION https://www.logos.ne.jp/products/info/4627