Sabbatical’s new tent is finally unveiled! Just as expected it’s another masterpiece.

3 years ago

“SABBATICAL” which started in the summer of 2019 is one of the freshest new outdoors brands. Their first lineup of tents and shelters has been so popular that they sold out shortly after its release.

It has been three months since the announcement of the long-awaited second lineup from Sabbatical. At a presentation held at Mori Park Outdoor Village in Akishima, the real thing has finally been unveiled!

That’s why I’ve been directly watching and touching the latest work of interest. 

The second range is a lineup of three polyester models!

First of all, taking a look at the second lineup, two new tunnel-type tents and one hexa-tarp model (2 sizes, large and small) are now available.

While the first tent and tarp were both made with the popular TC material that resists sparks, the new models are all made of a polyester material. Although it is weaker to heat than the TC material, it is highly hydrophobic and resistant to rain, so it can be used easily by beginner campers.

In addition, the pole has been changed from steel to aluminum, so you cannot overlook the fact that it is significantly lighter than conventional tents and tarps.

In particular, pay attention to the two tunnel-type tents that can be used as shelters as well as two-room tents!


Transform freely with two inner tents! The small Gilia is the best for cost performance.

The “GILIA” is a versatile tunnel-type tent that can handle many situations from duo camps to family group camps by using two types of inner tents.

At first glance, it looks like a common two-room tunnel tent, but the biggest attraction is that it comes with two inner tents that can be adjusted for two or five people respectively! The reasonable price of 40,000 yen including tax is also very surprising!

Even if two inner tents are installed, all panels can be opened and ventilated, so there is no trapped heat and it is comfortable in summer.

In addition, the inner tent can be changed not only for 2 people or 5 people, but also can be combined into one larger space!

Although the living function is lost by doing this, it is transformed into a large bed for up to 7 people. The structure is such that there is a passage between the two bedrooms, creating a new two-room space that looks like a dormitory.

Of course, you can use it as a shelter without an inner tent!

The bridge pole is unusual for a tunnel-type tent, it is “semi-independent”, making it easy for beginners to set up.

If you are sitting on a chair in the tent, the ceiling height is 170cm, so the overhead is also spacious! I didn’t feel the claustrophobia that is typical when using tunnel-type tents.

The price is only 43,780 yen (incl. Tax), despite the fact that it has two inner tents and is so functional.

Deployed size: W520cm × D300cm × H170cm
Stored size: L67cm x W35cm x H30cm
Fabric: Polyester
Weight: Gross weight 13.8㎏ (pole 3.1㎏, peg 1.76㎏)
Accessories: Main body, inner tent x 2 (for 2 people, 1 for 5 people each), main pole length x 1, main pole short x 2, bridge pole x 2, peg x 22, 2m rope x 6, 3m rope x 4, Carry bag / Pole case / Peg / Rope case x 1 each


Fully openable and skirted! The large “Arnica” can be used all season!

The Arnica, which has a symmetrical design like a tunnel-type tent, is a model that is one size larger than the previous Gilia. Similar to Gilia, this two-room tent has a frame structure with excellent strength and rigidity by adding a bridge frame to a beautiful arch-shaped tunnel-type structure.

This is the state where the inner tent for four people is set up. Even with the two-room style, the panel structure can be freely arranged, ensuring a spacious living space without any feelings of claustrophobia.

One of the key characteristic is the innovative open panel structure! You can open and close all four directions, roll up with toggles or use poles to overhang, and you can arrange how to stretch them according to the camp site and climate. Although it is a tunnel type tent that tends to be hot and stuffy, it is nice to be able to spend cool and comfortable in summer by opening the various panels!

It is very spacious with a ceiling height of up to 210 cm, making it very convenient without having to bend over while moving around. 

It is unusual for a tent like this to have a mesh fabric across the whole surface, which means it can ventilate while preventing insects from entering. The functionality as a shelter is perfect.

The overhanging side panels allow for smooth access in rainy weather.

What’s nicer is that it has a connection panel that can connect three side panels together.

Normally, when using overhanging side panels, each panel is independent, so for the number of overhanging panels, 2 poles are necessary, but this detail connects the side panels to one, so with poles you can release one side.

A skirt is attached to the lower part of the main body, so closing it in winter can prevent cold air from entering. The combination of this skirt and a panel structure that can be fully opened and closed allows for use in all seasons.

The light-shielded PU fabric used on the back reduces sunlight penetration, making it even easier to use in summer.

Another point is that the symmetrical design allows the inner tent to be attached to either side.

It seems that there is no plan to release only the inner tent at the moment, but if it is released, it may be possible to install inner tents on both sides like the Gilia model and use it with 8 people! We are eagerly announcing any further announcements!

Deployed size: W620cm × D320cm × H210cm
Stored size: L81cm x W42cm x H35cm
Fabric: Polyester
Weight: Total weight 20.52 (pole 5.8㎏, peg 1.9㎏)
Accessories: Main body, inner tent x 1 (for 4 people), main pole length x 2, main pole short x 2, bridge pole x 2, peg x 24, 3.5m rope x 4, 2.5m rope x 8, carry bag / Pole case / Peg / rope case x 1 each


There is also a standard hexatarp with light shielding.

The standard hexatarp model “Lupine” is also available in two sizes. Until now, the tarp was available in previous line ups, but it was a square type made of TC material, which was slightly more difficult for beginners to us, but this polyester“Lupine ” made of polyester is highly weather-resistant and it is relatively easy to set up, so it is great as an entry level model.

PU coating ensures light shielding. Perfect for the coming season when it gets warm.

Shaded PU processing is applied to the back side to reduce sunlight penetration. Ideal for summer outdoor camping to help reduce the heat.

Although the ring on which the gear is suspended is not fixed, there is an appropriate hook, making it stable and difficult to slip unexpectedly.

In addition, the tarp comes with two hanger tapes that can hang lanterns, cups, and kochels. It’s really convenient that it’s not long enough to use a guide line to connect, which eliminates the hassle of using typical daisy chains. 

Deployed size: M size 475cm × 420cm / L size 570cm × 500cm
Stored size: M size L71cm × W20cm × H17cm / L size L71cm × W22cm × H17cm
Fabric: Polyester
Weight: M size total weight 5.1㎏ (pole 2.1㎏, peg 0.8㎏) / L size total weight 6.1㎏ (pole 2.4㎏, peg 0.8㎏)
Accessories: Main body, pole x 2, hanger tape / low down tape x 2, each peg x 8, 2 or rope x 2, rope x 4, carry bag / pole case / peg rope case x 1 each


Inevitably going to sell out!

Sabbatical aims to become the gold standard within the Japanese outdoor scene and to make tents for campers who are planning to make their camping debut and upgrades. The second lineup this time has adopted new materials and silhouettes, making it easier for beginners to use than ever before.

In addition, the brands exceptional cost performance, which can be said to be the greatest attraction, is on full display, and it is likely to sell out again this time!

It was scheduled to be released at the end of March, but it seems that the release time is being reviewed. Will it be released from the end of April to the beginning of May? Stay tuned for the follow-up!