A high quality roll top table created from scrap wood. 3WAY mat is included for unrivaled functionality.

3 years ago

“What Will be Will be” is a company that develops comforting outdoor goods using wood and leather. “Re: gro woodwork’s” are an up-and-coming woodworking brand, which produces unique outdoor gear from wood scraps.

These two brands who share a craftsman-like spirit, have collaborated and completed a high-quality and revolutionary wood table. It is a unique gem that combines the luxury of natural wood with the functional design of outdoor gear.

3WAY mat set with natural solid roll top table & canvas / leather ¥ 39380

By implementing two dowel holes, they have designed a roll-top table with an adjustable height. You can enjoy the high quality of Japanese manufacturing, hand-made by Japanese craftsmen.

The top plate is available in two colors, walnut and oak.

The material is natural wood, which is also used for luxury furniture. This produces deep coloring and a solid feel that cannot be achieved by simply painting. In addition to being easily rolled, rust processing is added to the metal parts such as the screws giving it a vintage, antique aesthetic.

Another strong point of the model is the mat made of a canvas material. It can be in 3 different ways, as a placemat when spread out, as a storage space when placed under a table, and as a carry for storing the main unit in. The vintage processing also makes a great impression.

The mat is available in two colors, beige and khaki. When combined with the table, it becomes compact and used as a handle for easy carrying.

The appearance means that it can be used regardless of the environment and blends well not only for campsites but also indoors. This innovative product that combines Japanese woodworking craftsmanship and the concept of outdoors is on sale at GO OUT Online.

Photo/Sosuke Shimizu