Dickies full-scale tool series has arrived! The pop color that makes D.I.Y. more fun!

3 years ago

US brand Dickies has continued to make simple workwear since the 1920s and has grown into an indispensable part of the Japanese fashion scene.

This spring, they launched a full-scale tool series, “Dickies Tool,” encapsulating the spirit of American workers.


The right tools for the job!

Fast Action Monkey Wrench  250mm  ¥4180 / 200mm  ¥3520 / 150mm  ¥2530

Factory Gear, which is known both in Japan and abroad as a high-quality tool specialty store, is in charge of planning and development. 

Starting with the monkey wrench, which allows you to turn the bolt and nut without removing and inserting the main body, rugged yet easy-to-use tools will be released one after another.

socket wrench set     ¥10890

Roller Cabinet     ¥71500

This simple socket wrench that combines a wide variety of needs is reasonably priced and the bright red case is also very stylish. A drawer-type cabinet with a width of 633 mm, a depth of 462 mm, and a height of 1008 mm can be used not only in the garage but also in the living room.

LED Light     ¥6490

This LED light that can be charged with a USB cable is recommended for outdoor use. Since it is a COB type, it boasts a maximum light intensity of 300 lumens and is equipped with a swing function that can be used at any angle. The battery life is also excellent; the main lamp can be used for about 2.5 hours after charging for 3 to 4 hours.

A design that appeals through impactful color and toughness that is perfectly matches. Scheduled to be released in 2020, the price has not been decided.

This major blend of durable tools with a pop feeling is planned to be released in the summer of 2020, while this is still a long way off, but we have a feeling that it will be quite popular.

Both models use the Dickies logo as a motif and have a little cute charm. If you want a tool that looks like an accessory, this is definitely for you! 

In addition to the items introduced here, there are many full-scale tools that can be used for DIY, so if you are interested, please check the official brand website!

(問)Factory Gear tel:03-5846-5131    http://f-gear.co.jp/dickies-tools.jp/