Must see self catering! A dedicated fire pit made for cooking utensils!

3 years ago

A lot of people are content to cook over a portable gas stove while camping but the exhilarating feeling of cooking over an open fire in the great outdoors can’t be ignored. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the discovery of a new brand that makes this dream a reality.

This new brand developed by Tansei Engineering who also produces various types of metal sheets, welding and titanium mufflers is called “Hango Konro Laboratory”. This new brand is dedicated to making unique products for outdoor lifestyles such as the open air fire pit stand.


The one and only open air fire stand!

Fire Pit KIKYO L size ¥19332(φ480×290mm)、M size ¥13824(φ300×170mm)

From a design standpoint it’s a one of a kind, combining hexagonal and pentagonal panels to fit together like a puzzle.

All of the parts are collapsible and can be folded into a compact shape for easy carrying. A cooking mesh or pan can be placed on top to allow for easy barbequing or even making paella!

Needless to say, it can also be used as an ordinary open fire.


Cook even more delicious food with this dedicated fire pit!

Hango Konro  MAKI  ¥18036(230×150×235mm)

Using the military styled cooking pot you can make even more delicious food. Whether you are a veteran camp chef or a newbie anyone can cook great food fast.

The firewood is easy to ignite and is designed to be a suitable size for cooking with a pot over fire. This military style pot is a special size but round style pots are also possible.


A specialized table for bonfires!

Bonfire Table HIMAWARI L size ¥57240(φ12500×290mm)、M size ¥45360(φ780×170mm)

The bonfire table “HIMAWARI” is sold as an extension to the fire pit “KIKYO” mentioned above.

The table is easy to wash while also being heat and spark resistant. Made of stainless steel it can be set up around the open fire pit as a set for use as an outdoor kitchen and for hosting campfire parties.

It can be used as a circular table or detached to be used as smaller side tables making it a very adaptable product.

All types of people enjoy bonfires while camping but when it comes to cooking many find it difficult and can’t make the most of the experience.

However with Hango Konro Laboratories specialized fire pit, anybody can cook delicious food around a campfire!

After tasting the results of your fire cooked creations, you might not be able to return to conventional campfire cooking methods!

tansei eng.