Must-see for bass fishing fans! Neighborhood collaborates with three popular fishing brands such as Abu Garcia.

4 years ago

The popular brand “NEIGHBORHOOD” that drives the street scene in Tokyo is launching a joint project with 3 popular fishing brands.

Like the outdoor collection introduced the recently, this is also a large collaboration that can’t be overlooked.


A collaboration rod with Abu Garcia in a great looking vitamin color.

The focus for this collaboration is the classic fishing reel “Ambassador” series from the Swedish-born fishing brand “Abu Garcia”, which holds high status among black bass lovers. Various collaboration items from clothing to lure cases are released, but the hottest item is the bass fishing rod.


There are two types of rods for spinning reels and rods for bait reels. Neighborhood bespoke coloring is applied and logos are placed to great effect.

Vivid yellow and orange, which are rare as coloring for fishing rods, are colors that can increase your motivation for fishing, and they also go great with the black color used. Taking photos of your catches with this rod in will look great.


The base is the latest unreleased professional series model from the Abu Garcia lineup that has been designed based on extensive feedback. Furthermore, this model is a bespoke mobile rod that can be divided into 4 pieces, which is not planned to be deployed in Abu Garcia.

It’s also a special package that comes with a bespoke case for the collaboration model.


Other collaborations with Abu Garcia.


In addition, in collaboration with Abu Garcia, a functional bag with PVC material and excellent waterproofing, and clothing based on the original body of Neighborhood is also noteworthy. Both of them have the same orange x black bicolor as the rod.

NEIGHBORHOOD×Abu Garcia「LAB / PE-JKT」 ¥41800


The Neighborhood logo is also on popular Raid Japan lures. 

Furthermore, 2 lure models will be released in collaboration with Raid Japan founded by the charismatic popular bass angler Takashi Kanamori, which makes dedicated bass tackle maker specializing in Okappari (shore fishing).


There are two models, the largest big bait “DEKA DODGE” from the raid lineup of Raid Japan, and the latest model “SCRATCH” that creates a variety of actions, both of which handle the lure near the surface of the water. Both lures are of a genre called “top water” for black bass that provide extra adrenaline you when the bass breaks the surface of the water and eats into the lure.


The body has a glossy black color scheme and has an original design that implements the logo and concept word. Since it is a special package with Neighborhood, it seems that there are many anglers who will use it purely for decoration and not actually use it to keep it in perfect condition.


Collaboration sunglasses with Electric are great for everyday use.

Neighborhood are also collaborating with California based brand Electric who are well known for their snowboard goggles.


This collaboration model is based on the new “JJF12” that was just released in the fall of 2019 in the United States. It has a classic and sophisticated design that is synonymous with Electric, and of course it is a polarized glass that is very useful for fishing.

It is also characterized by a shield that protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays, wind, dust, pollen, etc. in the field, and the shield is changed to Neighborhood’s signature bespoke gray color. It is an exclusive model with the brand logo on the inside of the temple.

Since the shield can be removed, they are sunglasses that are useful in various situations such as everyday use and driving as well as just fishing. 

This collaboration between Neighborhood and a number of Fishing brands is packed with other excellent items besides the ones introduced here. It will be on sale on the Neighborhood Online Store from Saturday, April 11th, so make sure to check it out!