From the popular outdoor brand “Tripath Products”, a new iron table with a variable top plate is now available!

4 years ago

The outdoor gear brand “TRIPATH PRODUCTS” is a hot topic among outdoor hobbyists with their innovative design and pursuit of functional beauty, created by professionals who know metal. This spring, two new metal based items that offer something unique will be launched.


The “MOKUME TABLE” is a gimmicked packed iron table.


The “MOKUME TABLE” is a playful table equipped with lots of useful gimmicks, as well as compact storage like many of Tripath Products gear.

It is called the Mokume Table because the wood grain is engraved on the black leather iron top plate by laser processing, and it is said that this wood grain top plate ages and improves in looks as its ages.

Half of the top plate is made of this black leather plate, and the other half is made of a rust-resistant galvanized steel plate, so you can enjoy your meal at the table without hesitation.

The wood-marked top plate can be slid or side-hung. In addition, the top plate of the second stage is variable in height and arranement.

When using a burner on the second top plate for cooking, if you change the height according to the size of the gas can or burner, cooking implements such as skillets, pots, kettles, etc. can be kept at almost the same height as the top plate. This handy structure makes cooking convenient and easy.

As for the side hang, it can also be used as a windshield for a single burner.

Like another of Tripath Products the fire stand called “Guru Guru Fire”, it is made of flat parts, so it is compact when stored and only 3.5 cm thick, which makes it easy to mount on vehicles. Release is scheduled for April 17th.

Assembled size: Top plate φ550mm Height 380mm Width (between legs) 640mm
Stored size: Vertical 285mm Horizontal 550mm Thickness 35mm
Body weight: 6.3kg
Load capacity: 80 kg top plate (12 kg when sliding), 5 kg top plate
Material: black leather iron plate, galvanized steel plate


“HOGO” is a fire stand that can be used as a table.


Another new item is this bonfire stand, which is called “HOGO”, which “protects” the ground such as grass from the heat of the bonfire.

The top plate is made up of 2 parts and the legs are made up of 2 parts, for a total of 4 flat parts, making assembly very easy. In addition, it is very compact as it is bundled into one set when stored, something synonymous with all Tripath Products.

It can be used not only with Tripath Products’ fire platform “Guru Guru Fire” but also with other brands. Not only does it look better than a bonfire sheet, but it’s also nice to have the bonfire stand in a higher position so you don’t have to bend over to warm up and is a lot easier on your posture.

Since the top plate is iron, it can also be used as a bonfire side table on which hot cooking utensils such as a Dutch oven and kettle can be placed. This will be on sale by the end of March. 

Size: Height / 204mm Top plate / φ550mm
Body weight: 3,192g Withstand load: 70Kg (central part)
Material: Iron

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