Only 88g! An innovative new ultra-light table that is flat even on uneven fields.  

4 years ago

An ultra-light table equipped with a unique gimmick has appeared from the garage brand “factory-b”, which develops UL (ultra light) gears centering on fishing-related items.


The “level” from factory-b is a compact table that uses titanium for the top plate and carbon for the legs and weighs only 88g. The main feature is that the height of the four legs can be adjusted independently. This mechanism is simple yet innovative.

To assemble just insert the legs into the holes in the four corners of the top plate and apply tension with the rubber cord. Furthermore, since the top plate and the legs are connected by a rubber cord, the parts do not get separated during storage.

By changing the height of the four legs according to the terrain, the table can be kept horizontal even on uneven areas such as rocks or on slopes, making it possible to use an alcohol stove or cook with a gas burner. It’s super lightweight, so it seems to be useful for mountaineering, camping, mountain stream fishing, and other situations where you want to make your luggage as compact as possible.

It is sold at “Hiker’s Depot,” a store specializing in ultralight hiking gear.


Size: 140mm x 240mm
Height: 5-55mm (adjustable)
Weight: 88g
Material: titanium, carbon, aluminum, rubber cord
Accessories: Rubber cord for repair, threader
Load capacity: tested up to 4 kg