Overseas garage brands are grabbing attention via revolutionary design!

4 years ago

Outdoor Brands from all over the world are now accessible, not just those from Europe and the USA.

Many interesting garage brands are emerging from within the Asian market, rapidly increasing in popularity due to innovative design and impressive functionality. Camping enthusiasts are always quick to pick up on the hottest new brands regardless of their origin,

To that end we have been trying out some of the new gear featured in GO OUT CAMP STYLE BOOK 13.


This box shaped single burner is far from the ordinary!

This is the box shaped singular burner dubbed the Cube from Korean outdoor gear brand Kobea.

While it’s not uncommon for campers to make use of stylish products, this square and clean silver design has a refined elegance not often seen.

Usually, the left and right walls of the cube are black but it’s also popular to customize it by using a wooden board or other colors.


An extendable table for unparalleled convenience

This low table with an iron top plate dubbed the Hare Table from Taiwan based Black Design has excellent design, boasting two differing wood colors and an iron bar for support.

Above all, additional iron table tops can be attached to the left and right sides to create a wider space for added convenience. These are sold separately but the table alone is suitable for placing hot pots regardless.


Customizable table is just what we wanted!

This table with an adjustable iron plate has been released by Korean brand Orville. The size of the hole can be modified to fit the user’s preference.

The part of the table on which the iron plate is placed has a hole meaning if you place a burner here you can turn the table into a mobile kitchen at any time.

There are so many uses for the table other than for cooking such as a camp fire or even a lantern hanger.


A multi stand that can hold any basket!

This X Stand is also from Black Design of Taiwan. It can be utilized as a side table or to keep items away from the floor.

Although the basket is sold separately, the width of the belt at the bottom of the X stand can be adjusted making it convenient for use even at home, such as for storing remote controls or charger cables.

The multi pockets on the front are also from the same brand and if combined create fantastic storage combinations.


This specialty Lumena shade is sure to be a big hit!

This is a specialty wood LED lantern shade from Koreans based brand Urban Blind design.

Covers for lanterns are also sold by brands such as Barebones Living and Gentos however Lumena compatible shades are difficult to come by.

Specific indentations and grooves have been created to accommodate Lumena lighting and the dark wood aesthetic will add an extra layer of atmosphere to any camp site.


Convenient, multi use stand!

The “Indian Hanger” is brought to you by familiar Korean brand Minimal Works.

Originally meant for hanging bonfire tools and necessities, the size is also perfect for hanging life jackets and clothing making it a perfect addition to water sports enthusiasts’ outdoor gear collection.

It can be used inside a tent as a clothing rack or outside for hanging jackets making this stand a great multipurpose item.


A wooden lantern stand for all fashionable camp sites!

The weeping cherry lantern stand is another product from Black Designs. Wooden hangers are not a common site and are sure to give your camp site the fashion edge!

The design is convenient and easy to use, allowing you to adjust the position and angle of the lantern hook.


Keep on the watch for new items via SNS!

With many new and never seen before innovations, the Asian garage brand scene is an exciting marketplace.

Recently Japanese select shops have been starting to carry more of these types of brands, with their popularity heavily influenced by social media.

New innovative items are being brought to market constantly, so if you want to keep your campsite ahead of the curve make sure to keep your eye out for the latest news.

Photo/Taizo Shukuri


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