Recline, sit back and relax with Ogawa’s high back chair.

3 years ago

Ogawa’s new chair will help make your time relaxing outdoors extraordinary.

Reclining is possible in addition to a comfortable seating position due to the high back. An optional footrest is also available, making it a series that is perfect for the spring weather.


Recline by adjusting the legs insertion point.


The combination of a seating surface that wraps around the body and a high back realizes an amazing level of comfort that prevents fatigue even after sitting for a long time. And as the name implies, it can be set to 2 different angles.

By changing the leg insertion hole at the joint, you can recline about 10 degrees. This is a system similar to “High & Low Cot Wide” that can adjust the height in two stages. You might think it’s only 10 degrees, but 10 degrees is a big angle to recline a chair and makes a huge difference to the seating experience.


Nifty storage pocket.

The chair also comes with mesh pockets on the side and a zipper pocket on the back. If you want to store things such as smartphones and cameras that you want to take out quickly then use the side pockets, and things that can easily be lost outdoors such as car keys are best stored in the back.


Size when used: 63 x 69 x 96/107 cm
Storage size: 16 x 49 x 13 cm
Weight: about 1.7kg
Material: Polyester (seat)
Maximum load: 145kg
Accessories: Storage bag


The optional footrest is also excellent.


The optional footrest has an excellent structure. The distance from the seat surface can be adjusted to 70-97 cm, so you can find a comfortable place for yourself. It is a fantastic luxury to take your feet off the ground and relax outdoors.


Size when used: 37 × 37 × length 70-97 cm
Weight: about 0.5kg
Maximum load: 10kg
Accessories: Storage bag

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