Grill directly over a fire with this unique UFO-type bonfire! Check out this masterpiece from the bonfire masters.

3 years ago

This bonfire features a vector completely different from any bonfires seen before that provides good combustion efficiency, compactness, and functionality is born. “TAKIBISM” aim to preserve the original way of enjoying a bonfire but amplified through the use of new technology.

Takibism is a bonfire brand launched by Hajime Samukawa, who presides over the “bonfire cafe”, and Makizuka Iron Works in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. As the name suggests, the real fire stand JIKABI, which is packed with ideas that Mr. Samukawa has cooked up over many years, has the unique characteristic that you can enjoy a bonfire that is as close as possible to an “open fire.”

TAKIBISM「Real firestand JIKABI」<L> ¥33000

Wire surrounds the stainless steel pan, and when it is turned upside down, it has a unique UFO-like shape. Its height is lower than that of a standard bonfire, and it is designed not only to enjoy a bonfire as if it were a direct fire, but also to provide extra warmth for your legs and feet with other bonfires don’t.

The distinctive outer design can be used not only for grasping the wire part but also for stacking stones as a windshield, placing a kettle on hot stones as a heat-retaining zone, and drying damp firewood. It is also possible to camouflage as if it were an open fire by surrounding it with stones or firewood so that the bonfire is not visible.

It also comes with a prism-shaped triangle, which can be used as a tripod to put a kettle on it, or set up firewood to raise its height.

TAKIBISM「Real firestand JIKABI」<S> ¥22000

There is a circular L size so that it can be used by a group, and an S size for solo campers. The S size has a design in which some wires that can be used like a cockpit.

It is not only a bonfire that burns well with good combustion efficiency, but it is a bonfire that allows you to enjoy the fun of raising a fire.


<S Size>
Size: 310 x 55mm diameter (pan diameter 230mm, not removable)
Weight: 720g (main body only)
Material: Stainless Steel

<L size>
Diameter 500 x 80mm (pan diameter 310mm, removable)
Weight about 2000g (body only)
Material: Stainless Steel