A bonfire stand that looks like “cherry blossoms” is born! Beautiful yet functional and easy to set up!

3 years ago

The outdoor fireplace maker “Noragou Seisakusho”, which has developed the unique fireplace “Nora stove” and others, has created a new fireplace the “No-sakura” featuring a cherry blossom motif.


This “wild cherry tree” is a fire platform that was created as a first step in the “welfare x outdoor” endeavor, in collaboration with the Noragu Factory, which is based in Hiroshima Prefecture, and a welfare facility in Hiroshima Prefecture.

With the cherry blossom motif design, you can combine five petal plates of the same shape and size to complete your bonfire. It is almost as if they are saying “We couldn’t see cherry blossoms this year, so let’s all camp together when the corona sitautaion is over!”

There are two sizes, S size with a diameter of about 33 cm and M size with a diameter of about 40 cm. Since it is a type of bonfire that is low to the ground, it may not be usable at some campsites, and it is necessary to protect the ground with flame-retardant bonfire sheets when using it.

This bonfire is sold at the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”. The funds raised through crowdfunding will be used to fund the establishment and operation of a “working support facility (working continuation support type B)” that is set up by the general incorporated association Misono. The employment support facility plans to carry out roasting coffee in the outdoor shop and cafe and hall staff work, etc., based on the business of manufacturing and shipping outdoor goods.

■the general incorporated association Misono http://misonokaze.jp