The latest Ballistics rover chair is here. Excellent foldable rocking chair model.  

3 years ago

“BALLISTICS”, are very popular among outdoors enthusiasts with their wide collection of gear and bags.

Among them, the rover chair is a popular classic that represents the brand well, but from this season, a new model of the rover chair with a playful appearance has appeared! MIL-SPEC is a superb chair, with a fully open design and excellent functionality for everyday use!

Rocking Rover OD ¥49500

This is a combination of a 70’s USA rocking chair and rover chair design. Although it has a very unusual design of a folding rocking chair, it seems that it was redesigned in this way in response to the suggestion from Mr. Kobayashi, the president of Mountain Research.

You can recline, relax and place your head on the headrest, which is perfect for sitting and napping. Also, the centrifugal force of the shaking allows you to eat and eat things in front of you while sitting, making it a convenient chair to use at a campsite.

Moreover, it can be folded, making it convenient for storage and carrying. It’s easy to put in the living room, and it’s versatile enough to use for camping.

In addition to the OD color above, COYOTE (¥49500) and silver (¥43780) are also available. Delivery is scheduled for May to June, but it is a popular brand that is often sold out at the reservation stage depending on the item, so if you are interested please check it out early!


・Expanded size 79×56×73 cm
・Storage size 90×56×14 cm
・Weight of about 3.65 kg
・Material Frame: Aluminum / Hindi, Elbow rest: White ash, Seat surface: Poly canvas (OD, SV) / Cordura (COYOTE)

■BALLISTICS tel:03-5766-5615