Also compatible with indoor life! We tried using the popular folding table from Mont-bell.  

3 years ago

This innovative folding table released by Mont-Bell in the summer of 2019, about a year after it was announced in 2018. It has become a big hit that was a hot topic among campers even before its release.

The item was announced and released on GO OUT WEB, and has been posted twice, attracting a lot of attention. It is indispensable for both its functionality and its stylish looks for indoors too!

So, for this article I tested out its ability and tried it at home.


Mont-bell’s innovative table has been a hot topic even before its release.

Multi Folding Table ¥16390

This has a gear-like silhouette and a design aesthetic similar to furniture. I would like to review the specifications once again before giving a final impression.

First of all, what I would like to pay attention to the unique structure that can adjust the height in three stages. Called the “Hi Rosa System,” this feature is an innovative system that allows you to choose between High (67 cm), Low (54 cm), and Table (39 cm) to suit your chair height.

In addition, the use of aluminum alloy for the frame and the use of melamine-processed plywood for the wood-grained top plate reduce the overall weight. The table is convenient for taking out as it is compact when stored. 

In addition to the usual folding table, it is available in two sizes, a slightly wider model (¥21450), but for this article we used the normal size.


[Multi-folding table]
・Frame material: Aluminum alloy (alumite processing), steel
・Top plate material: Melamine resin, glass fiber, polypropylene
・ Withstand load: Approx. 30 kg
・Weight: 2.71kg (2.83kg) *() includes the staff bag
・Color: Oak
・Size: Height 67(Hi)・54(Low)・39(Za) x Width 71 x Depth 70cm
・Storage size: Height 11 x Width 17 x Depth 70 cm
・Optimal number of people: 2-4 people

A functionally beautiful table top that is also great for the interior.

The wood-topped top plate is a bellows type design consisting of four panels connected by shock cords, but it does not have that functionality.

In fact, this top plate has a reversible design, and you can enjoy two expressions with one piece of natural wood or walnut flavor. You can change the color according to the surrounding camp gear or furniture, so it is easy to integrate not only into a campsite but also in the living room and garden.

In addition, the material of the top plate has excellent water and weather resistance and is lightweight, yet tough with a load capacity of 30 kg. The size of the top board is 70 cm deep and 71 cm wide. It is said to be for 2 to 4 people, but it seems that about 2 people is best for comfortable use.


Lightweight, compact and simple structure for beginners!

The contents of the multi-folding table have a simple structure consisting of three parts: a frame with joints that serve as legs, a frame on which the top plate is placed, and the top plate itself. The total weight, including the staff bag, is as light as 2.8kg, making it easy for women to also carry.

Since the storage size is slender and compact with a height of 11 x width of 17 x depth of 70 cm, it can be placed in a small space without being bulky when stored in a house or a car.

By the way, the storage case is divided into two compartments, and it is nice that it is made so as not to interfere with the top plate even if the legs get dirty. This clever storage technique is synonymous with Japanese brands that pay close attention to small design considerations.


Assembly is easy once you get used to it.

All the frames with joints have legs that are connected with shock cords, so it can be easily inserted. Also, since the frame is light, you can easily set it while holding it in your hand. The lightweight properties are key to its ease of use.

The height adjustment of the table, which is the most important feature, is done by the leg frame.

The four legs have button-like adjustment pins embedded in them, and you can slide the frame while pushing it in to fix or remove it. It is truly revolutionary that the adjustment is completed only with the joint and frame without adding extra parts.

As mentioned above, three heights can be freely changed: high (67 cm), low (54 cm) and table (39 cm). After deciding the height and inserting the frame into the joint, all you have to do is spread it out in all directions to complete the legs.

By the way, setting the frame of this leg part takes only about 30 seconds. I tried it without looking at the instruction manual, and I was able to set it without difficulty.

Next, dock the frame (top plate frame) and the legs on which the top plate is placed.

Set it so that the hooks on the upper part of the leg are facing the target. There are 3 holes in the top frame. To set the table in high style, go to the outermost hole, in the low style to the middle, for the table style to the innermost, and at the height of the legs. The positions of the legs are set to decide the overall table height.

It’s hard to understand here when you first see it, so it’s easier to read the instructions when setting it for the first time.

Finally, there is a set of top plates, but there are also three holes that match the height. 

Separated from the outside are high, low, seat and frame. If you make a mistake in the position of the hole, the top plate will not fit neatly, so you should be able to notice it immediately.

I tried a little without looking at the instructions, so I had a little trouble with the system of the holes in the frame and top plate, but it still only took about 5 minutes from opening the package to completion. Once you understand the structure, it seems that you can set it up faster after the second time. 

This makes it a model that is easy to handle even for beginners who are unfamiliar with camping gear despite being a high-spec table.


Adjustable height allows for unlimited use!

Height may be the biggest concern when choosing an outdoor table. Finding a table that works well with your favorite gear, such as adjusting the height of a chair or a table you have, is surprisingly difficult.

Again, this multi-folding table has a big advantage in that respect.

With the conventional camp table, even those that can adjust the height generally only have two stages, high and low, but the three-stage adjustment system is truly unique.

If you are set in high style, the height of the top plate is 67 cm. It’s compatible with high-style chairs, and more stable than I expected, so it’s a range that can be used as a cooking table while standing.

However, it’s best to refrain from pumpkins and other heavy items that you put your weight on as much as you can because they are at risk of damage.

The standard low style used at the camp feels fresh when you try it at home. It’s the perfect height to chill out in the garden or on the balcony.

If you set it to the lowest setting, you can enjoy it as a parlor style while camping, but as you can see, it is more familiar than you imagined indoors. With the reversible top plate, you can seamlessly use in any room from Japanese to Western style.


Excellent cost efficiency!

Lightweight and compact with excellent water resistance and durability, reversible top plate and 3 different heights, you can say that you do not need to buy a chair; it has truly excellent cost efficiency!

Even during times of home isolation, such a table should make your indoor life comfortable and let you enjoy the feeling of outdoors while at home.

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