Geometric fire pit that feels just like an open bonfire!

4 years ago

These days fire pits are a must have in the camping world. The market is awash with a wide range of models from different brands but we have discovered a novel firewood stand that really stands apart from other conventional designs.


An artistic fire pit from Germany

TRIPLE 90 Fire bowl ¥48600

German brand Hofats deliver BBQ and bonfire equipment that expertly matches form with function. They have won many European design awards and their latest offering is just as impressive.

The geometric design which combines 3 separate parts to form a hexagonal design has a futuristic modern feel. The fire bed is very spacious at 90cm in diameter which really gives the impression of having an open fire.


Materials that improve with age!

The main material used is Corten steel which has become very popular in Europe over recent years due to its rust resistant properties which prevents corrosion even after many years use without any additional maintenance.

The 3 sections are fixed together with screws and when disassembled the separate parts can be stacked for easy carrying and transportation.

With an art deco style design, this is not just a bonfire tool but a work of art to be enjoyed. Considering the high quality the price is also very reasonable but its popularity is starting to really pick up steam!

It’s currently listed for sale on GO OUT Online but has unfortunately already sold out so if you’re interested make sure to get one elsewhere as soon as possible!

Photo/Sosuke Shimizu

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