The mood lantern from Minimal Works is a big hit! Created in the image of the Edison light bulb.

3 years ago

“MINIMAL WORKS”, an outdoor brand from Korea that just landed in Japan in January 2020.

Since the first item, the lightweight shelter “V HOUSE,” chairs and lantern stands have landed in Japan one after another, but the mood lantern the “Edison Lantern” scheduled to arrive at the end of July is likely to become quite popular and we think it will be their hottest item.

MINIMAL WORKS「Edison Lantern」¥8580

The Minimal Works “Edison lantern” is a mood lantern inspired by the Edison light bulb, which has become popular for use in interiors due to its retro atmosphere.

In order to reproduce the nostalgic atmosphere of the Edison lantern with beautiful and delicate filaments shining in the exposed light bulb, the glass globes needs to be carefully crafted by experts from round glass tubes imported from Germany. In addition, each component is designed with a motif of an incandescent light bulb.

It is a gas lantern that uses isogas as fuel and has no mantle, and the shimmering flame gently illuminates the surroundings. The small light and round globe make you feel the nostalgia of an incandescent light bulb, and it goes well with vintage items so it is likely to be popular as a gear for camping.

It comes with a hard case made of wood with the brand logo and illustrations based on the Edison light bulb motif, so you can carry your glass globe safely and it will also make a great gift.

It is scheduled to be released at the end of July, and reservations have already been accepted at “UNBY GENERAL GOODS STORE” etc, so it seems best to check it earlier.



Size: 50 x 50 x 125mm

Weight: Main body 82g / Glass 30-51g

Material: stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, alloy, rubber, glass

Gas consumption: 110g 15 hours, 230g 31 hours, 450g 61 hours (*gas can is sold separately)

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