You don’t need an ax or hatchet anymore!? Chopping wood is easier with Tripas Products’ wedge!

3 years ago

The outdoor shop “myX” in Yokohama has released a hot new bonfire gear. A new item that allows you to chop wood without using an ax or hatchet. It was produced by “TRIPATH PRODUCTS”, which is famous for its unique iron gear.


You can chop wood without using an ax or hatchet.


Using the TW-KUSABI is very easy. All you have to do is hit the firewood you have set up with a peg-down hammer. This makes it easy for even campers, who are worried about how to handle ax and hatchet, and even children to chop wood.

By the way, “TW” in the model name is an abbreviation for “tataku (strike) and waru (break)”.

Here is how the wood was actually chopped. The left wood is before and the right wood is after.

There are cases where the firewood purchased at the campsite cannot be used as it is, such as with a lightweight bonfire that can be stored compactly or a small wood stove. This is a good news item for campers who brought a bulky ax to use a compact bonfire.


The carved seal is the W name of MyX and Tripaths.

The material is iron. Cut out from a 2.2 cm thick iron plate, it is robust. A double name with MyX is engraved on the surface by laser engraving, which is a specialty of Tripath Products. I want to pass a wild rope or a braided paracord through the hole at the top of the main unit.

Please purchase as soon as possible as it is a limited sale at MyXs brick and mortar retail & online shop.



Size: total length 22 x thickness 2.2 cm

Weight: 650g

Material: Iron

*Anti-rust bag is included.

■myX tel:045-459-2288