The best chill-out time with an artistic lamp. Karlskrona from Sweden is a hot topic!

3 years ago

The Swedish oil lamp brand “KARLSKRONA LAMP FABRIK” have a history of more than 130 years. The night lamp is set to become a hot item for fashionable campers. Design that enriches the mind is no longer just for art.


Palm size, tremendous presence.

Night lamp ¥18700

It is a handy-sized lantern with a height of 24 cm and a diameter of 10.5 cm, but its presence on the table is still tremendous. The brass body is finely polished and beautiful to touch with bare hands. Also pay attention to the stylish shape of the globe and the handle with its delicate curves.


55 lumens of light.

Paraffin oil or kerosene is used for fuel. The brightness is 55 lumens, which is inferior to modern LED lanterns. However, the warm, relaxing light from the winding core cannot be reproduced with electricity.

This lamp is great not only on the table of the tent site, but also as an interior item at home. Since it does not use electricity, it also a life saver during a power failure.



Size: about Φ10.5×H24cm (width including handle is about 12.5cm)

Brightness: 55 lumens

Burning time: 17 hours

Tank capacity: 300cc

Fuel used: Lamp oil (paraffin), kerosene

Made in Sweden

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