A new bonfire from an up and coming Shonan area brand. A notable product whose size and combustion efficiency have been expertly calculated.

3 years ago

Various types of bonfires such as UL and heavy duty are widely used in the outdoor industry, and an up-and-coming brand has appeared with products that excel in both function and design.


This time, we will introduce a bonfire with a unique silhouette. This is the debut work from new brand “PRONODOORS”.

It is a new garage brand that has just begun manufacturing based in the Shonan area, which is rare in the outdoors scene, with the mantra of “delivering products with innovative functional beauty that have never existed before.”

The bonfire is not too small and not too big, and the word “just right” makes it the most comfortable size. We think many people will be looking for a bonfire that had such a solid, lean design.

Not only the design but of course the specs are perfect.

A trapezoidal space surrounded by two shields creates outstanding combustion efficiency, and depending on the wind direction, the shield can be set in an L shape, making it well thought out to enjoy a bonfire outdoors and in windy areas.

In addition, the detachable Rostrur has a load capacity of 15 kg and is quite tough. The V-shaped structure is compatible with Dutch ovens and shera cups, and you can reduce the risk of food burning if you move it left or right while keeping an eye on the heat. Packed with features you want to enjoy cooking over a bonfire.

It is composed of four parts, a fire bed, legs, a windshield, and a gull. The storage size is flat and approximately 38 x 38 cm. Since it has a simple structure, it is easy to set up and put away.

It is said that this work will be released on Saturday, May 30, 2020, and reservations are currently being accepted. It’s reasonably priced for the specs, so if you’re curious, I recommend getting it before it’s sold out.

Also, in the near future, they are planning to expand their product line, such as bonfires for solo use, so keep an eye on future developments!



Weight: 1400g

Used size: 53 x 53 cm

Storage size: 38 x 38 cm

■Oshima Product Design tel:046-871-0129 https://pronodoors.com