This pouring spout that can be attached after the fact is a hot topic! We tried using this new gear.

3 years ago

“Morino Shizuku” is a spout made of titanium that can let you pour hot water slowly like a drip pot by attaching it to your own cooker or mug.

Since it is an idea that has never existed before, I introduced it previously and it became a popular topic. How is the usability? I tried it out for myself and here are my impressions.


A spout that turns your cooker into a drip pot.

The “Morino Shizuku” is made by the garage brand “Rakuho Kyoto”.

It is a so-called external spout that can be attached to various cookers and mugs, including Snow Peak’s “Titanium single mug” series and Eve New’s “Titanium mug 500 RED”.


If you pour hot water as it is with a cooker or mug, the hot water will often come out too fast, but you can slowly pour hot water by attaching this “Morino Shizuku”.

It is a great item for outdoor coffee lovers, as it can bring out the deliciousness of coffee by pouring hot water into it slowly like classic Japanese drip coffee.


It weighs only 9g, lighter and more compact than expected!

There was a big response to the previous article, and I was able to borrow this “Morino Shizuku” that has been waiting for 1 month from the manufacturer, so I can know give my hands on impressions.

The first thing that surprised me was the lightness. It has a heavy metallic look, so it seems heavy, but it weighs only 9g. The size is so small that it will not hinder mountaineering where you want to reduce your luggage as much as possible. Rather, it is small enough that it could be lost if it is not kept firmly in its case.

The shape is like a “beak”, and if you look closely you can see that the structure with a “tongue” like structure is arranged intricately inside. This is an item created by elaborating through trial and error.


Installation is very easy.

Let’s take a look at using it now. Before attaching “Morino Shizuku” to a mug or cooker, it is necessary to soak the mounting side in water.

By doing this, it seems that it will be easier to absorb water using surface tension. You can pour water in a storage case or soak it, or pour water directly from a plastic bottle.

It is easy to install. Just put the “Morino Shizuku” on the edge of a mug or cooker and attach it so that it is sandwiched between the magnets. Since it is fixed by the magnetic force, it is unlikely that the magnet will be damaged.

By the way, as a result of actually trying it, if it is a right-handed person and the handle is at 3 o’clock, it is easy to use with a spout at 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock angles.


I actually tested out with 3 cooker mugs.

The main uses for the “Morino Shizuku” are mountain climbing and solo camping. So, this time, I tried to use it by attaching it to 3 popular cookers and mugs for mountaineering and solo camps.


Primus “Lightech Trek Kettle & Pan”.

The first is the “Lightech Trek Kettle & Bread” by Primus, a classic cooker that is often used by mountaineers. As the name “kettle” implies there is a spout originally, and it is also a good cooker for pouring hot water.

Although it is possible to pour hot water from the originally equipped spout, by attaching the Morino Shizuku, it was possible to pour hot water more finely and accurately. It is easy to write the letter “no” when making coffee.


SOTO “Thermo Stack Cooker Combo”.

The second is SOTO’s “Thermo Stack Cooker Combo” mug (750ml), which is often used by solo campers and climbers.

This mug makes it easier to pour hot water with the Magrid (lid), but with Morino Shizuku it was possible to pour hot water more slowly than the lid. However, since it is a type that lifts the edge of the mug, it requires grip strength to keep the angle for a long time, and it is undeniable that it gets tiring after prolonged use.

By the way, if there is a lot of hot water, it is easier to pour because the angle of inclination is less, but it is possible to pour slowly even when the volume of hot water is low.


Trangia “Mestin”.

This time, I was most surprised by the effect of retrofitting the spout with the “Mestin” Trangia that is popular with solo campers.

The Mestin, which has a strong image of being used for cooking rice and boiling pasta, is not good at pouring hot water due to its shape. However, by attaching the “Morino Shizuku” it allowed me to slowly pour hot water like other cookers.

Even if it is a prism, the angle does not have to be severely adjusted, and you can easily pour hot water. However, since the handle is far from the spout, if you continue to pour slowly for a long time, your hand may get a little tired.


Easy to use, if you get used to it.

It also comes with a solid instruction manual, so I think that there are tips on how to use it, and it is very easy to use no matter which cooker you attach it to. All I had to do was tilt the cooker slowly, and it was not difficult to handle even for the first time.

In addition, there is a technique called “drip drip” that allows you to pour water hot water like a drip to make a strong and rich coffee, but this can also be done if you get used to the feeling. However, it may take a long time because you need a little concentration and practice just like a fine barista.

Also, I think that many people use a cup-on type drip bag that does not take up space when climbing or camping, but the range of pouring hot water is narrower than that of the dripper, so when pouring, the hot water overflows. With this spout, I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about it.


Please note that it cannot be installed on all cookers.

“Morino Shizuku” supports not only the 3 cookers I used this time, but also various cookers such as jet boiling and mugs.

Since it uses magents to be attached, it is not compatible with thick mugs such as double walls, and water may leak easily depending on the shape of the cooker as well, so be careful! For details, please check the compatibility info on the manufacturer’s website.

Recommended for solo campers and mountaineering!

Recently, many drip pots for one person have appeared for those who want to drink delicious coffee even when mountain climbing and solo camping, but the drawback is that the drip pot occupies space due to the shape of the spout.

Since this “Morino Shizuku” can be carried in a cooker or a mug, it is recommended for outdoor coffee lovers who want to drink delicious coffee even if their luggage is reduced as much as possible. However, it seems that reservations have already flooded in, so if you are interested, early reservation is recommended.

■Rappo Kyoto