A unique next-generation cart that transforms from two wheels to four wheels!

3 years ago

Discover a cart full of gadgets like never before, that can transform from 2 to 4 wheels! The “FLAT CART 2×4” that was previously released at BEAMS is also recommended for those who could not find their ideal cart until now.

「FLAT CART 2×4」¥13200

The “Flat Cart 2×4” is a new product as part of the popular dolly series from “Hanaoka Vehicle”, which is a logistics equipment manufacturer founded in 1933 and boasts a high domestic market share in airport baggage carts. As the name suggests, it is a next-generation cart that has never been seen before and can be transformed into a two-wheel carry cart or a four-wheel cart.

You can transform it into four wheels when carrying heavy objects, and two wheels that can easily carry tall luggage even in a narrow place such as a parking lot. It can be transformed according to the scene and the load you need to carry. The transformation is very simple as the height of the handle can be adjusted in 3 steps.

The storage size is also very compact, the wheels can be folded in conjunction with the handle, and the thickness when stored is only 13 cm. Because it is flat, it can be stored even in small gaps.

Since the tires are thin, it is not suitable for beaches, but it can also be used on uneven fields. The withstand load is 70kg for two wheels and 120kg when set to four wheels. It seems to be useful for a variety of scenarios such as outdoor shopping as well as food shopping.

In addition to its functions, it is also a “Hanaoka vehicle” that sticks to that design principle, such as winning the Good Design Award for a dolly for professionals. The black x blue hue is also cool and eye catching. As expected, it is a select product for “bPr BEAMS” that handles products of various genres. It is a pre-release at BEAMS, and reservations are accepted at BEAMS official online shop.



Size: W385 x D250mm (effective 225) x handle height H 1100,1220,1340mm (when using a two-wheeled vehicle) / W385 x D630 x H200 mm, handle height H670,790,910mm (when using a four-wheeled vehicle)

Storage size: W385 x D640 x H130 mm

Load capacity: 70kg (when using a two-wheeled vehicle) / 120kg (when using a four-wheeled vehicle)

Weight: 7.4kg

Material: plastic, steel, rubber

Wheel diameter: 12.7cm (fixed wheel), 8.6cm (free wheel)

■BEAMS Online Store https://www.beams.co.jp/item/bprbeams/hobby/33741096696/