Bonfire optional parts from Tripath are available one after another expanding your fire options.

3 years ago

The outdoor gear brand “TRIPATH PRODUCTS” is a hot topic. They are metalwork experts that incorporate functional beauty.

The original looks such as the bonfire “GURU GURU FIRE” and the gear hanger “TSUNO STAND” were talked about previously, but in fact, various options have been released since. One of the attractions of this brand is the fun of customizing your gear it so that it is easy to use and personalized.

This time, 6 items are added, including options that can be used in combination with a new bonfire and gear hanger. Especially, the gear hanger system that can be customized to your liking is a noteworthy item.

The windshield “FUBOU2” that generates secondary combustion.


“FUBOU2” is a special windshield that can be retrofitted to turn the Guru Guru Fire into a secondary combustion stove.

The two-layer structure warms the air passing through it, allowing secondary combustion to occur. The amount of smoke generated is overwhelmingly suppressed by the secondary combustion, and the combustion efficiency is increased and the firewood and charcoal are completely burned off, resulting in less ash. Two sizes are available, S or M.


A set of support legs, “A-KYAKU” that is the key to the hanger system.


The A-KYAKU” is a set of 2 A type legs, and you can build a hanger system by combining with the “KAKEHASHI” (sold separately).

The height can be changed in 3 steps, and it is also compatible with a low style.

Besides being a gear hanger, it is also made of an iron material, so it can be used for cooking by hanging food from above a bonfire.

The “KAKEHASHI”, a bar with excellent strength and load capacity.


“KAKEHASHI-1” is a bar for making a hanger system by jointing it to “A-KYAKU” or “Tsuno stand”, a steel stand from Tripath Products. It creates a simple stand when combined with the A-KYAKU.

When connecting to two Tsuno Stands, it is possible to set the height to your liking depending on the arrangement of the horns, and there is a wide variety of possible combinations. By bending it, its strength and load capacity are improved, and it can withstand a load of 45 to 130 kg (depending on the layout).

The lineup also includes “KAKEHASHI-2” (¥7480) with the name of Tripath Products engraved with a laser.


An anchor-type universal hanging hook “IKARI-HOOK”.


“IKARI-HOOK” is an anchor-type hanging hook that can be used by hanging it on a “suspended rope or pole”.

It is also possible to hang kettles by hooking on to the hanger part of the bonfire “Guru Guru Fire”.

Besides, it can be upside down and hooked on a rope to hang it, or it can be used as a lifter to lift the lid of a Dutch oven.


Triangular universal hanging hook the “TRI-HOOK”.


“TRI-HOOK” is a triangular hanging hook that can be used by hanging it on a “suspended rope or pole”.

There are slits on three sides to reduce the blurring caused by the suspension of gears when joining to the rake.

Like the Ikari hook, it can be hung on a rope, or used as a lifter to lift the lid of a Dutch oven.


Fire scissors “TRI-BASAMI” that are multi purpose.


“TRI-BASAMI” is a multi-tool-like scissors that can be used in various ways. A part of the tip is saw-shaped and can be used to cut a binding band for firewood. In addition, the slits/concavities and convexities can be moved without touching them by hanging a handle such as a kettle or rice porridge that is heated.

In addition, the dedicated slit at the tip can be fixed by jointing it with the ash receiver of the bonfire stand Guru Gurufire or the edge of the bonfire stand “HOGO”.

The grip part is wrapped with a leather strap or guy rope to make it easy to customize.

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