An unlikely outdoor adhesive tape is born! Inevitably useful for repairs, and all first aid measures.

3 years ago

No matter how tough an outdoor man is, I think he has experience using the standard glue “Arabic Yamato”. Yamato, who has taken care of everyones repair needs for a long time has now released a tape suitable for outdoor use! It is an item that is likely to play an active part in outdoor first aid.

A cute and practical outdoor tape.


Although it is a piece of cloth adhesive tape that can be cut by hand, it can be said to be a just an item for practical use however it also comes in a fun pop color line up.

The package features a comical illustration by illustrator Shigee Shigee and comes with a convenient zipper.

The width of the tape is 50 mm and the length is 3 m. Not to mention temporary repairs when poles and tents are damaged locally, it may be useful as a first aid for injuries (cuts and fixing splints).

Compact specifications excluding the core.

Thin and compact with a structure with the core removed. Less likely to interfere with luggage taken outdoors.

There are life hacks on the net for carrying compact adhesive tapes conveniently, but this shape is smart from the beginning.

It is a great triumph that the convenient adhesive tape has become compact, and it is likely to attract attention not only for outdoor activities such as camping but also as travel goods and disaster prevention equipment. It may become a permanent item in the family home.

It will be released on Wednesday, July 29. Although it is sold at mass retailers and stationery stores nationwide, you can definitely buy it online at the “Yamato Honpo Rakuten Shop” or “Yamato Honpo Yahoo Store”. Please check it on the release date.