3 LED lights that will be at the top of wish lists for this summer, igniting camper’s fire and desire.

3 years ago

It’s a sad saga for campers everywhere when they get the desire to get new gear even when they have more than enough already.

Among them, the one that tends to be worrisome is “light”. From Vintage lanterns to the latest LED models, the variations are wide and that’s why there is no end to the search for good lights.

We have picked up three new works that are popular with light collectors!



Affordable size and safe LED specifications make the stand light of “The Park Shop” safe for camping with children. Since the top part has a fan, it is guaranteed that it will also be very useful as a portable fan in the coming season.

Compact design with the light part pulled up from the body. It also has air circulation possibilities if the movable fan is turned up.



Vintage Flashlight ¥8580

The new product from the brand “Barebones” that is currently sweeping the camp industry, is a flash handlight that appeals to a man’s heart with a rustic American vintage aesthetic. The classic battery-powered specifications are also great.

The amount of light can be adjusted in two steps, and the handle can be extended slightly. As it looks, the functionality is really simple.


  1. NoBox

Globe light ¥5060

The new “No Box” light, which is a smash hit with the tape light, can be used floating on water. Recommended not only for camping but also for mood lighting for bath time at home.

Gentle warm light creates a moody night. You can also use the hanging type by adjusting the hooks, so it is also a lamp for us in a tent.

The lights introduced here are all fully functional for their purpose but also have extra merits such as being able to float on water. These three flash lights are all available to buy now and have their own individual appeal.

All of them are functional beauty models that excel in utility, so be sure to check them as spices that add an outdoor flavor to your indoor life!

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Text/Satoshi Yamamoto