Ultra-light Montbell masterpiece the “Moonlight Tent”. Even the family type is amazingly only 5 kg or less!

3 years ago

Mont-bell’s masterpiece the “Moonlight Tent” has undergone a major renewal. The tent is a super long term seller, still 40 years after its release. With a full model change, they have succeeded in reducing weight and improving its habitability! Even with the 4 type suitable for family camping, the weight of the main body does not exceed 5 kg.

The body weight for the 4 person tent is 4.85 kg.

moon light tent 4 ¥76780

The moonlight tent, which can be set up even at night, has been a long-selling product first released in 1979 and is a great outdoorsman classic. It was reborn this year in 2020 with a major remodeling.

The redesigned Moonlight tents are 1, 2 and 4. Here we will talk about he type 4 (for 4 people) suitable for family camping.

For old fans of the same tent, the “Type 4” may not be familiar to you, but in terms of size, I would like you to imagine the old Type 7 model.

Despite the floor space where four family members can sleep comfortably, the weight of the main unit is only 4.85 kg, which is a surprisingly successful weight reduction (former 7 type 7.8 kg).

Two colors are available: spring green, which is a symbol of Montbell’s high performance, and light tan, which is smart and refined.


Improves habitability while keeping tradition.

The frame has inherited the structure of “it can be set up in the moonlight” and “the fly is hard to touch the inner”, while the high ceiling and the raised side surface improve the habitability. The main body and rain fly are made of 20-denier polyester ripstop and the floor is made of the same 40-denier material, but both are flame-retardant.

The storage size is the same as the old 7 type, with a total length of 64 cm. With a depth and height of 23 cm, it is quite compact as a family tent. The total weight including pegs and staff bag is 5.26kg.

The old 7 type, which was packed for 7 people, has become the new 4 type, which is perfect for a comfortable family camping trip. Good news for campers who want to set up easily and quickly, and campers who want to lighten their luggage.



Installation size: W260×D460×H180cm

Storage size: W64 x D23 x H23 cm

Body weight: 4.85kg (excluding pegs, tension rope, staff)

Water pressure resistance: 2,000mm (floor), 1,500mm (rain fly)

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