A much rumored pyramid-shaped fire platform. What is the functionality backed by a novel design like?

3 years ago

Bonfires are sold by various manufacturers. There are a wide variety of uses and types, such as solo, family size, ultra light type and iron type, so it is difficult to choose. Under such circumstances, an up-and-coming garage brand “pronodoors” has released a noteworthy bonfire.

In order to verify the specs and usability of this new bonfire I tested it out for real in the field.

It’s a light, tough and well-established fire pit.


First of all, I want to review it. pronodoors was born in Shonan, which has a strong surf image as opposed to the outdoors.

The brand-new bonfire “Fire Starter”, is the brands debut item, and is lightweight and has high durability despite its size that can be used by the family, and it is an excellent item that can be stored compactly. Also, the unique trapezoidal form like this pyramid has good combustion efficiency and strong wind resistance.

The specs are great, but I want to pay attention to the looks. There isn’t much of the rustic atmosphere that has been the mainstream with bonfires so far, and the minimal and solid design is quite futuristic looking.



・Use size: 53×53cm

・Weight: 1400g

・Withstand load: 15kg

・Storage size: 38 x 38 cm

・Material: stainless steel


Easy to assemble with a simpler structure than it looks.

It is flat when stored and is not bulky, so it is easy to carry. There is also a special tote, and the opening and closing part is tightly packed with Velcro, so there is no worry that ash etc. from bonfire will fall out after use.

The body of the Fire Starter consists of four parts: leg, windshield, mesh, and tripod. Since it is a compact design and has many parts, it may take some time to set up for the first time.

First, dock the legs through the mesh fire bed.

After inserting the two legs through the grommets at the four corners, insert the other end into the frame attached to the foot. By the way, the side with the brand logo on the four corners of the mesh is the front side, but there is no problem using it with the back side facing out.

At this time, be careful because the frame attached to the leg will not be set correctly unless it is firmly attached to the grommet. When assembling, it is a good idea to put it on the ground and connect while holding the mesh part.

Once all four legs are connected it is nearly completed. It fits into the frame quickly, so if you can’t put it in properly, make sure that the mesh and frame end are in close contact. Also, when passing the 4th leg, a little force is needed because the whole body is under tension.

Once set, it’s so firm that it won’t collapse even if you hold it like this, and it’s more stable than you might imagine.

Because the trapezoidal foot angles are all carefully calculated, the mesh is designed to fit perfectly so that it will not fall out.

After setting the legs, hook the appearance on the frame, and finally put it on the tripod to complete. If you only use a bonfire, you can hook it on the frame without riding the tripod, so you do not have to worry about losing it, and if there is no wind, you can remove the windshield to improve visibility.

By the way, it took less than a minute from opening to completion. Contrary to the difficult first impression I got when arranging the parts, I was able to intuitively assemble them one after another. Even a camping novice won’t need much time

However, it is not recommended to ask someone to set up without explanation because there are some tips and strength required when passing the legs through the mesh.


The secret of good combustion efficiency lies in its unique shape!

Perhaps the biggest feature of this Fire Starter is the pyramid type structure that can assemble firewood in three dimensions.

It is difficult to have an inverted triangle or a flat shape, but since the frame is passed in all directions in a shape that pushes the mouth upward, if you insert the firewood from the top so that it leans against the frame, the height will naturally rise due to the three-dimensional construction.

When I actually ignited it, I was surprised at the excellent combustion efficiency.

The windshield captures the air taken in from the mesh without causing it to escape, creating an updraft and making it easier to burn. Since the windshield also has holes for taking in air, it ignites quickly.

The most common problem with this type of bonfire is the low durability of the fire bed. It’s a common story that if you’ve been using it for a while, you’ll have a hole and you’ll have to replace it, but this Fire Starter is a bit different.

Since each line of the mesh is thick and small holes filled, the durability is greatly improved. It is the specification that boasts the strongest toughness in the current domestic mesh. Please note that it cannot be rolled or bent as a result.


A stylish windshield to help scratch that itch!

The plate-shaped windshield is also an important part of this bonfire. It is easy to put on and take off because it is just hooked to the frame Not only can you set them in pairs, but depending on the wind direction, you can also make them L-shaped to prevent the escape of wind. The windshield and mesh are not docked, so you can use it with large firewood.

It is common for the wind direction to change during a bonfire. As long as I can quickly change the position of the windshield I’m happy.

This is exactly what makes it possible to reach places where it is safe, such as having a gap at the bottom of the plate so that you can put on and take off while wearing gloves.


The V-shaped tripod is highly versatile!

Just like the windshield, it has a simple structure that you can simply attach onto the frame. Since it has a V-shaped structure, it is compatible with small Kochels, kettles, and even small items such as shera cups.

Although it is small, the bonfire itself has a load capacity of 15 kg, so it can be used for Dutch oven cooking. A 10inch Dutch oven is just right, and you can use the Dutch oven with legs without any problems.

Nice specifications that can be expanded with ready-made products.

By the way, the upper frame is 20 cm square, so the nets that are sold at 100yen stores are a just fit!

There is no plan to make an optional net or iron plate, but it was calculated by making it fit into the existing one. It is a user-friendly specification that means you don’t need to splurge money on lots of additional licensed items..

By the way, this Fire Starter does not have an ash tray. The legs are designed to reduce the damage to the field and the lawn, but if the bottom is a mesh, it will inevitably burn due to radiant heat.

As with the net mentioned above, the existing flame-retardant sheet (60 x 60 cm) is a perfect fit, so we recommend that you also purchase it before starting a bonfire.

The day when it will become the new standard of fire bonfire is near!

In addition to the durability and combustion efficiency required for a bonfire, the Fire Starter has been thoroughly designed from the user’s point of view as a cookware function and usability. It’s just been released at the end of May, but it’s so popular that it’s already out of stock, so if you’re interested, check the official brand website early!

■Oshima Product Design tel:046-871-0129 https://pronodoors.com