New vest project combining comfort and style. A ground breaking hybrid work with a fused backpack.

3 years ago

Outdoor fashion is being embraced as a strong sense of style these days. But thanks to that, I’m tired of seeing ordinary vests! There must be many people who also think the same.

Therefore, I would like to pay attention to this new vest, which was newly released this season from “COMFY”, which develops items that combine functionality, design, and utility!


A hybrid model that combines a vest and backpack designed with the theme of a vest that no one has seen yet. A large-capacity zipper pocket is placed on the waist, and a bottle pocket is on the side. Spectra fiber specifications are adopted with a luggage compartment just like a backpack on the back.

A two-story luggage compartment is installed on the back. One has a fastener and the other has none, so it can be used according to your needs.

A feed lock buckle is used for the chest strap to increase functional usability.

The world’s strongest and lightest Spectra fiber tag is attached to the side of the waist.

An innovative style of vest meets backpack that was born because of COMFI and their design philosophy, which reflects the experience value of the designer’s own hobbies work such as camping and trekking in the manufacturing.

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