The Oregonian camper’s drip pot is a must-see for discerning poeple! Full-scale specifications with a difference making spout and thermometer.  

3 years ago

It’s a great way to relax if you can enjoy coffee carefully made by hand drip at home or while camping. This new item can help take your coffee break to the next level! It is the Oregonian Camper drip pot “HEXA POT”.

Oregonian Camper「HEXA POT(BRONZE)」¥7150

“HEXA POT” is a stylish drip pot with a bronze-colored body and a beautiful wood-grained resin handle.

The key characteristic is the unique shape of the spout. This is a shape for creating a physical phenomenon called the siphon effect. Once you start pouring hot water, a certain amount of hot water will continue to come out due to the siphon effect, so even if you pour hot water while writing the letter O, the amount of hot water will not be uneven, even beginners can make coffee just like a veteran master of a coffee shop.

In addition, the key points for brewing coffee deliciously via hand drip are said to be the amount of hot water, temperature, and extraction time, and the taste of coffee changes greatly depending on the temperature of the hot water. There is a preference for setting the temperature of hot water, but it is generally said that around 90 ° C is good, and around 80 ° C is recommended if you want to suppress bitterness.

Hexapot comes with a thermometer to drip at the right temperature. Since the Hexapot is a pot exclusively for hand drip use, your need to first transfer the hot water boiled in another pot to the hexapot and pour it when it reaches the desired temperature. The thermometer can be stored in the knob on the lid when in use and in the handle top when not in use.

Oregonian Camper「HEXA POT(SILVER)」¥6380

In addition to bronze, silver is also available for the Hexapot.



Size: Capacity 600ml, Thickness 0.8mm

Material: SUS304 stainless steel material (fingerprint adhesion prevention coating)

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