Popular even before its release. I tried the Aladdin Lantern speaker, which is the hottest item this fall.

3 years ago

Aladdin, famous for its kerosene heater, will finally release an anniversary model lantern speaker to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Aladdin in the United Kingdom this fall.

Even the pre-sale crowdfunding site “Makuake” set a record by achieving the target amount in just 10 minutes, and many people will be waiting for the release impatiently.

I tried out the hottest lantern speaker, and this is my first hand impressions.

A lantern speaker that is a modern reproduction of the oil lamp of the 1900s.

Aladdin lantern speaker ¥27500

This new Aladdin product, which can be enjoyed as both a lantern and a speaker, is an evolution of the oil lamp made in the 1900s, which triggered the blue flame, which is also a symbol of the current Aladdin oil stove. 

Equipped with a 360-degree around speaker with high sound quality and depth, it can be enjoyed as an LED lantern with a maximum of 100 lumens, and because it is rechargeable, it is a coveted item of outdoor lovers that can enhance any camping experience



Brightness: 100 lumens (maximum)

・ Built-in battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery 5400mAh

-Charging method: USB (C-type) charging Charging time: 6 hours (5V-1A)

・ Battery life: 1000 times

・ Communication method: Bluetooth V4.2

・ Maximum communication distance: 10m

・ Maximum outer diameter dimensions: length approx. 124 x width approx. 124 x height approx. 380 mm

・ Mass: Approximately 1.6 kg

・ Waterproof: IPX4 (waterproof for daily life)

・ Continuous lighting time: 24 hours or more (when lighting with medium light intensity)

・ Playback time: 10 hours or more (at medium light intensity and medium volume)

・ Light source type: Warm color LED (stepless dimming)

・ LED life: 40,000 hours


A vintage design that can be used as part of your rooms interior.

Aside from the detailed specs, I would like to pay attention to the vintage look.

The design reproduces the look of a 100 year old oil lantern which gives it an elegance just like luxury furniture. Aladdin’s strength lies in the beauty of its modeling, which can be left at home, such as in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, as well as being used outdoors.

In addition to its classical looks, the size of 38 cm in height and 12 cm in width has a strong presence and can lend a fashionable accent to any room.

The gentle light of warm colors, like a real oil lamp, is one of the elements that creates a vintage mood. Since the LED light can be adjusted with a dimmer, it can be easily adjusted according to the usage, as a table lamp in camping or a reading light in the bedroom.

And don’t miss the small details. The brass galley, which pursues a genuine texture in thick clear glass that draws a beautiful curve, is exactly the same as an oil lamp of the 1900s. It so elaborate that you can enjoy it even for ornamental purposes.

The bronze-like pedestal, which is hand-painted by craftsmen one by one, firmly supports the artistic squirts and galleys. The pedestal part is a speaker, and it can be separated and stored. The power supply of the speaker that also controls the volume is on the pedestal, and the LED light has a simple specification that can be turned up and down with the handle attached to the galley.


Because it is waterproof, it is easy to use outdoors.

Water resistance is also a nice point for outdoor use. Since it is waterproofed to IPX4, it is not fully resistant in heavy rain, but there is no problem if it is exposed to splashes or some light rain.

It’s perhaps not enough for use as a main lantern, but with a maximum brightness of 100 lumens, it’s a necessary and sufficient amount of light for a sub-lantern to illuminate the dining table during camping. It may be perfect not only for camping, but also for enjoying the outdoor activities at home on a terrace or veranda.


A 360-degree surround speaker that is ideal for background music.

The 360-degree surround speaker provided on the pedestal gives a strong impression in the mid-high range. It is not recommended for those who are looking for powerful deep bass, but it’s clear sound quality makes it a good match for relaxing music such as classical, jazz, and ambient music.

It is also attractive that you can place it anywhere because the sound is emitted in all directions, which is a great advantage when you want to play BGM during activities such as work, reading, and housework.

Excellent cost efficiency!

Aladdin’s lantern speaker has a beautiful design that looks good indoors, but with specifications that can be used outdoors, and versatility that combines a lantern and a speaker. Looking at the specifications of the lanterns and speakers, they are not high-end, but overall they did not become over-engineered, and I got the impression that they were well-balanced.

It can be said that the cost performance is quite high when viewed as a total package

The official release date has not been announced, but it is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020, so be sure to check the Aladdin official website frequently!

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