Check out this unique new bonfire! The debut item from new brand “Mitari Works”.

3 years ago

The newly born camping gear brand “MITARI WORKS” will release an original bonfire. Although it has a simple structure that combines three plates, it has a rugged and elegant silhouette, as well as a unique form that also has expandability.

Simple beauty by combining plates.

Takibi Stand S ¥17600

The first piece of gear from Mitari Works is this bonfire. It is completed simply by combining three plates and the fire grate. The angle at which the plates intersect and the overall balance are excellent, and the appearance is rugged yet graceful.

Here is how it is disassembled. All the plates have the same shape, so you can carry them compactly by stacking them.

There are three sizes in the lineup, and in addition to the S shown in the photo, “Takibi Stand M ¥ 24200” and “Takibi Stand L ¥ 29700” will be released. I will list the size and weight of each at the end of the article, so please check it.

Add an optional plate to make a square.

Plus 1 Takibi Stand S ¥7700

A set of only one plate and a square fire grate is available as an additional option. It is possible to combine a total of 4 plates, which makes it possible to arrange a larger bonfire.

When assembled with four plates and a square fire grate, it will look as above. The opening seen from directly above opens wider, making it possible to place a large amount of firewood. It can be used according to the number of people, with 3 sheets for solo to duo and 4 sheets for a larger group.


They are also preparing a top plate that enables cooking.

This has not been released yet, but it is said that a top plate for placing pans during cooking is also being prepared. If you look closely, you can see that the position of the top plate can be adjusted in 3 steps.

It’s an original bonfire that hasn’t been seen before, but it’s clear that it’s an item set up by a fairly skilled outdoorsman because of its delicate size development and high expandability.

They are accepting reservations on the official brand website. Shipping will begin on September 18th.


Opening size: 170mm (S), 230mm (M), 340mm (L)

Height: 170mm (S), 245mm (M), 350mm (L)

Weight: 0.6kg (S), 1.3kg (M), 3.7kg (L)