A table that appears instantly from a bag⁉ Helinox’s new proposal for a solo base.

3 years ago

From the tactical supply of “Helinox”, a secret base item full of intriguing secrets will be released. A table appears from the bag, so the center of a solo camp is completed just by deploying it quickly.

A bag with a frame and top plate.

Tactical field office M(coyote) ¥25740

This is the stored state, that is, the state of the bag. With a side length of about 40 cm and a thickness of 20 cm, it is the perfect size to store small items such as cooking gear and lanterns. A plate is attached to the side, but by flipping it up, a table appears.

If you expand the table, it will be just as shown. The table is about 40 cm square and has a storage rack attached to it. The height of the top plate is 39 cm, which is almost the same as “Tactical Table M”. A living space that is easy to use for solo camping can be achieved.


Color development that is nice for users with existing items.

There are 3 colors available. In addition to the coyote mentioned above, black and multi-camo are available (only multi-camo is priced at ¥ 27940). These three colors are the standard colors of Helinox’s tactical supply. This is a nice point for users who already use the same color gear such as chairs and cots.

Release is scheduled for early September. It is expected to sell out early, so be sure to check the official online store frequently.



Size when used: W40 x D59 x H39 cm

Storage size: W40 x D20 x H39 cm

Total weight: 2120g

Table height: 39 cm

Table load capacity: 50 kg

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