1kg or less! The ultra-lightweight and compact bonfire from the Kagoshima garage brand is amazing.

3 years ago

The gears around the bonfire, which are simple and sturdy, are all masculine designs that make you want to own them. A wide variety of bonfires, such as tough and compact models are released every year from numerous brands.

However, this time we will introduce a very unique and compact new bonfire!

Lightweight and compact design that makes it as thin as a bag.

ADVENTURHYTHM  HUNTER: Re•mo「bonfire bag」¥9700

“ADVENTURHYTHM HUNTER: Re ・ mo” is a garage brand from Kagoshima where the head designer develops gear related to interior and outdoor activities, which are his main hobbies.

This bonfire is named because it looks like a bag when folded. The total weight is 630g for the stainless steel type and 860g for the standard type, which is super lightweight!

Furthermore, it is quite easy to assemble, and the two plates of the main body are crossed at the legs, and two trivets are set at the top. It’s easy to complete by setting the side plate. No need to apply force, so people without a lot of strength can assemble immediately! Since each part is separate, it is easy to pack up after using.

ADVENTURHYTHM  HUNTER: Re•mo「bonfire bag」¥4970

The design is based on the experiences and troubles that the designer himself felt while camping, so the usability is outstanding!

A small bonfire is convenient to carry, but the combustion space is small, and it tends to take time and effort to add firewood. On the other hand, he said thought that it was heavy and difficult to clean up when using a large bonfire.

That is why he created this new model bonfire.

In addition to the lighter weight stainless steel material, there are two types of the standard set made of rust-resistant bonded steel plate, and you can choose according to your camping style. In addition, there are plenty of additional special parts such as a frying pan type iron plate and a fire grate that is made of iron and fit in the bag!

The durable and easy-to-use design is also recommended for camping beginners! A must-see for anyone looking for a compact bonfire!

■ADVENTURHYTHM  HUNTER https://remo.theshop.jp/