The popular 2WAY bag from Mystery Ranch is tougher. Japanese bespoke model using X-Pac.

3 years ago

“MYSTERY RANCH” develops the ultimate backpacks with the trinity of functionality, comfort and durability. The “Booty Bag” model was designed with town use in mind so that the brand’s philosophy can be experienced more easily. 

A Japanese bespoke design has appeared of the popular model that fully represents the concept of urban outdoors. In addition to being expanded to 22L, which is one size larger than the existing one, X-Pac, which combines strength, lightness, and waterproofness, has been boldly used as the material.


The appeal of X-Pac is not only its excellent functionality but also its moderate elasticity. Therefore, even if you store a lot of luggage, you can use it without ruining its shape.

The padded back has moderate cushioning for a comfortable fit. Another key point is the logo on the strap.

The inside has vivid coloring to enhance visibility. You can take out the contents from the bottom of the bag smoothly.

In addition to red, the lineup includes four colors such as black, coyote, and gray. 

This latest work, which has been updated to use tough materials that can be used outdoors while maintaining the design that blends into the city, is on sale now. It is inevitable that these bootie bags will make an outstanding appearance in the city and in the field this fall and winter so make sure to check them out!

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