The bag turns into a desk! The new Helinox table was more convenient than I expected.

3 years ago

Helinox’s “Tactical Field Office M” is attracting the attention of campers due to the novelty of the bag having the ability to turn into a table

This article I introduced earlier was also a hot topic, so I’m interested in how it is in practice!

So, this time, I actually tried using this item while camping to get a really idea of its practicality.

Transform from bag to table.

Helinox「Tactical Field Office M」¥27940

Helinox’s “Tactical Field Office M” is a unique bag where the table appears by flipping up the plate attached to the side part of the bag with the outer frame and attaching the legs.

It can be used as a work desk at an outdoor office or as a kitchen station in a solo camp.

The back side of the top plate has a honeycomb structure, so the strength is excellent. The legs attached to the top plate are a set of four, and if you remove the top plate from the bag, you can use the table alone.

It can also be used as a low table by combining it with the frame of a bag.

As an outdoor office.

It’s called “Tactical Field Office”, so I brought this item to the campsite and started working.

As it is a bag that can also be used as a table, I thought it was heavy, but it was lighter than I expected because it uses an aluminum frame. It seems that even women can carry it in without difficulty. It weighs about 2120g.

The size of the bag is 40 cm wide x 20 cm deep x 39 cm high, and it has more storage capacity than I expected.

In addition to storing laptops and A4 documents, it is sized to fit in a Helinox comfort chair.

Luggage can be taken in and out even when the table is open, so it seems to be useful as a desk side storage for storing frequently used items such as sleeve desks.

It takes less than a minute to switch from bag to table mode, and you can start working immediately, so it’s perfect for outdoor work. The height of the table is 39 cm, which is a little low for working on a computer, so if you work for a long time, you may want to choose a low-style chair.

As a kitchen table in a solo camp.

Next, I used it as a kitchen table for a solo camp. The load capacity of this “Tactical Field Office M” is about 50 kg, which gives it a sense of stability, so you can also work safely with kitchen knives.

The bag part is very easy to use when cooking, such as putting tableware as a storage rack and setting a garbage bag.

However, if you put ingredients and a cutting board on it, the table surface will be a bit too full, so it would be convenient to have a side table when using a burner.

In addition, the side of the bag is equipped with webbing tape, and you can hook an optional case or accessory here to make it even more convenient as a kitchen station. The high expandability unique to Helinox is appreciated by solo campers that want to keep their luggage minimal.


It seems to be useful from the campsite to the balcony.

“Tactical Field Office M” is inevitable to play an active role as a base for remote work and as a kitchen table for solo camps regardless of whether it is on or off. As I found out after using it this time, it is more convenient and versatile than I imagined, the stability of the table and the storage capacity of the bag where of particular note.

The compact size makes it ideal for remote work on the balcony or for home camping. Above all, it’s an item that makes you feel like you have your own secret base so it is sure to make work and cooking a lot more fun and interesting.

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