Discover a solid wood grip with Opinel knives, loved all over the world!

2 years ago

Bespoke items from the select shop “Nice Time Mountain Gallery”, which mainly handles outdoor gear, are highly regarded. This time, along with the prestigious French knife “OPINEL” comes a limited edition knife that you will fall in love with it at first sight.

A set of grip and case for Opinel # 8.

asimocrafts & TOPO DESIGNS No.8 Set ¥9900

This is the 2nd anniversary item from the select shop “Nice Time Mountain Gallery” known for its sophisticated selection. It is a set of a grips for Opinel # 8 bespoke to the garage brand “asimo crafts” and a special case bespoke to Colorado’s “TOPO DESIGNS”.

It doesn’t come with a knife blade, so it’s a custom item for your # 8. Opinel has a long history and is a masterpiece that can be said to be the complete knife, but it is reborn uniquely and artistically. The material is oak and it is sold unpainted, so you can enjoy finishing it with oil or paint as you prefer.

The special case focuses on practicality.

The special case is an exquisite size that is neither too big nor too tight. Equipped with a webbing strap, it can be passed through a belt or hung from a backpack with a carabiner. In addition to the gray in the photo, blue is also available. I will post it at the end of the article, so please check it.

Visibility is ensured by using bright yellow for the inner fabric. Even though the items to be stored are folded, they are sharp, so this kind of consideration is nice. In addition, the loop attached to the main body and zipper uses paracord, so it is strong enough for peace of mind.

The above two items are sold exclusively at Nice Time Mountain Gallery stores. Please visit the store in Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku and see the charm in person.

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