The secret to creating a kitchen for fashionable camp sites!

4 years ago

When creating a camp site the kitchen area is always important. Using our skills in camp co ordination we want to try and blend usability with a cool fashionable aesthetic. We covered this subject thoroughly in GO OUT CAMP STYLE BOOK 13.

Here are 7 of the best campsite kitchens from a total of 72 real life campers being interviewed.


A simplistic style for easy cooking.

The most frequent style of kitchen we saw during the interviews are a high standing style. This example uses Primus CF adjustable table which can be used two ways, either high or low. Even on the high standing settings it is very stable and easy to work with.

This simple table design eliminates unnecessary items leaving plenty of room for chipping ingredients and preparing meals.


An efficient and accessible kitchen.

This kitchen set up uses the same high style as previously but with a container and a kitchen tool box set under the table. By placing a jug next to it and you can keep all the tools needed for cooking within reach.

The table is the Tough Light table from the Campers Collective. The top surface is easily cleaned using a mesh material which makes it very convenient.

On the right hand side of the table a trash can and kitchen paper holder have been attached which highlights the fact that the edges of the table are well reinforced and stable.


A systematic kitchen chock full of gimmicks.

This is the kitchen which has been set up inside the tent by Camping Nico. H&O’s kitchen racks are very convenient with plenty of small details. The top area has a grid like plate that is capable of holding hot pots, while there is also a section on the left where a towel or other instruments can be attached.

Kitchenware can be placed on the second tier shelf to allow for easy access and convenience during cooking. A lantern hanger, a spice rack as well as a utensil rack are also included.


Low style DIY kitchen with excellent symmetry

This DIY style kitchen has been assembled underneath a tarp utilizing a remodeled wood rack from the Tent Factory to create kitchenware and coffee apparatus holders. The trash can in the centre is a modified stool of the same brand.

In addition to the lantern, the toolbox placed under the burner has also been affixed and all the other details such as the deer horns for us as hangers are all thanks to clever DIY.

The 2 burners are placed on top and all the heights of the different tables are aligned so its incredibly easy to use for a low style camp kitchen.


Low style using a cart.

The idea behind this kitchen is to affix a top plate onto a Coleman cart. A micro chair is placed in front so you can cook easily at this low kitchen while seated.

A cooler box is placed on top of a uniframe field rack to be used to store kitchenware and utensils.

This kitchen space is an excellent example of a minimalist approach in a compact space.


If you have 2 racks, it’s just like home.

This camp site made a kitchen using a iron legged wooden table. Even if you have 2 burners to use it’s important to have a convenient height.

In addition, the tool case attached to the front end of the table can be used as a holder for kitchen paper which is very convenient.

Cutlery and utensils can all fit within the rack and the spice rack and worktable are all firmly secured so you can cook safely and easily.


We have seen the light! A kitchen made using a bench.

This is a minimal kitchen made in one corner of the tent. It is in fact customized by taking a highlander wood frame and removing the cloth.

A uni-frame burner has been inserted on the right hand side in such a way that it doesn’t conflict with the legs of the bench. A self made top plate is placed on the left hand side for use as a work space.

By spreading out the necessary gear in this way you can make a great kitchen layout!


Don’t miss out on creating your own fashionable kitchen!

Kitchens are unexpectedly one of the most important presences in any camp site. If you are particular about perfecting your own campsite then make sure not to neglect the kitchen area. Even when cooking outdoors, efficiently planning the layout of your kitchen will greatly affect the dishes you can serve up!

Each of the kitchens introduced in this article combine a convenient layout that is also fashionable and easy to use.

Photo/Taizo Shukuri


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