Transform into a table! The iron-made “firewood rack” with excellent cost performance is a hit.

2 years ago

Many campers should have a matte black iron gear around the bonfire. The iron gear, which is sturdy and highly practical with no unnecessary decoration, is attractive for its rugged functional beauty.

Introducing the “firewood rack” that protects firewood from the wet ground. This is an excellent piece of gear that can be customized to a table.

Reliable load capacity of 20 kg.

ONOE×QUICKCAMP firewood rack ¥5280

A collaboration product by Onoe Seisakusho, which has a high reputation for iron products, and Quick Camp. With a simple structure that just involves inserting the frame, it boasts a reliable load capacity of 20 kg. It is robust enough not to be a heavy hardwood, and you can stock plenty of firewood around the bonfire.

This is great for campers who already use iron gear, such as tables and tool hangers, items that can enhance the bonfire area. And this product is not only useful as a firewood rack.

You can also customize it to a rugged table.

By inserting the separately sold Fire Place Table (QC-ON03) x 2 as shown in the photo, it will be reborn as a table. Even in this state, the load capacity is as strong as 20 kg. The fireplace table is reasonably priced at ¥ 3060 each, but you can also prepare your own wood on the top plate.

They are currently accepting reservations on the official website of Quick Camp, and the shipping is scheduled for early October. Check the contact information listed below.



Deployment size: Approximately 50 x 43 x 33 cm

Storage size: Approximately 50 x 43 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 3.2kg

Load capacity: 20 kg

Main member: Iron (powder coating)