Autumn solo camping plan and must-have gear. Research on 5 fashionable outdoor experts! Vol.1

3 years ago

Solo camping has been explosively popular in recent years. This year’s event is particularly exciting, as it allows you to enjoy yourself at your own pace, which you can’t enjoy in a camp with a large number of people, and also has the advantage of social distancing during the current pandemic.

However, even if you say solo camping, each person has their own scene and style. The equipment you bring depends on how you enjoy it.

So, we asked five fashionable outdoor enthusiasts how to enjoy this autumn’s solo camp and their must-have gear! Introducing the styles of two different people who will enjoy the “mountain” as it is for the first time.

Enjoy the mountains of Chichibu with reliable UL equipment.

Kei Tsujioka / Backpack craftsman

He is sewing backpacks every day with the outdoor brand atelier Bluebottle. A big mountain lover, who treks across the mountains in many different ways, from dayhikes to vertical running. Camping is a UL style with a minimum of lightweight and compact gear. His hobby is capturing mountain scenery with a film based camera.

Mr. Tsujioka is a mountaineer who climbs mountains in various places with a film camera in one hand, and has been a solo camper for 15 years.

“When I started playing in the mountains, I had no choice but to solo because I didn’t have any friends who enjoyed the same hobby to come with me. It’s a real pleasure to be able to fully take in the scenery and appreciate everything because I’m alone you know”.

Chichibu National Park is celebrating its 70th anniversary this season, so he is planning a camp in the mountains of Okuchichibu!

1.Mobile washlet / 2. Freeze dry food / 3. atelier Bluebottle SACOCHE 05 / 4. SOUTH2 WEST8 W / A knit / 5. atelier Bluebottle Neo wool shirt / 6. Deejo GRAMS / 7. Poison remover / 8. MYOG rain Skirt / 9. RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR pouch / 10. Mikikurota Elemental1 (tent) / 11. atelier Bluebottle Camera SHOULDER / 12. PLAUBEL makina67 / 13. atelier Bluebottle PAC-03R / 14. Mikikurota fruit sack / 15. LOCUS GEAR CP2 / 16. EuroSCHIRM Umbrella / 17. MYOG Cubensack / 18. NEMO TENSOR / 19. WANDERLUST STAND COZY / 20. Jetboil / 21. MUNIEQ X-Mesh / 22. EVERNEW Ti MugPot500 / 23. Trail Designs alcohol stove / 24. COCOHELI / 25. SOL ESCAPE Bivvy (shraf cover) / 26. EYL MEDIUM POACH / 27. PODS

Tsujioka-san’s solo camp equipment, assuming a one-night, two-day mountain trip.

With a focus on the Backpack of his own brand “Atelier Blue Bottle”, a portable washlet and a distress signal transmitter are brought while unifying with UL (Ultra Light) items such as an alcohol stove and a staff sack made of Cuben fiber. It is the minimum equipment necessary for mountain climbing.

On top of that, the style of enjoying shooting with a film camera is unique and a great way to truly appreciate the mountains nature and views solo.

“In the mountains, it is important to have clothes, food, and housing with the minimum equipment, and to feel closer to nature, so I like to make it as light and minimal as possible. After that, anyone can shoot with a medium format camera. It would be great if you could enjoy it without being disturbed.”

Three must-have items for Mr. Tsujioka.

  1. Plow Bell Camera Makina 67 & Atelier Blue Bottle Camera Shoulder

Makina 67 is a legendary model loved by many photographers. Equipped with Nikon’s high-quality lens Nikkor, it is the most popular 80’s medium format camera. Nowadays, it is only available second hand, so it’s quite rare.

“I overhauled this gem I got from Yahoo! Auctions. I only take pictures when I go to the mountains, but I like the finish with horse mackerel and the analog effort, so I chose it carefully. I made the camera bag according to this Makina. It fits various cameras, has sufficient cushioning, and is more convenient than expected. ”

  1. UL cook set

Meals in the mountains are a 3-piece set consisting of a trail-designed alcohol stove, an Evernew pot, and a Munik windshield. The pot is made of titanium, so it is lightweight and durable. It is great that you can carry it with peace of mind even in a harsh environment.

“When you look at the light and compact cook set, this is the best combo I can think of. What’s good about this stove is that it’s quiet. In the mountains, the roaring sound of the burner is quite annoying. The windshield that can be changed is also very convenient and I like it. I can handle various stoves with this one, so it’s very versatile.”

  1. Atelier Blue Bottle UL-based backpack

The latest UL-based backpack “PAC-03R”, which can be said to be a masterpiece from Atelier Blue Bottle. The size is designed mainly for overnight mountain trips, and it has plenty of easy-to-use gimmicks such as a mesh pocket that is hard to tear and a loop cord that can fix stick-shaped items.

“It’s a size (36L) that I think is really just right for me to climb a mountain for one night. It’s very easy to use because it has a simple structure with the minimum necessary details in mind. It’s lightweight but durable because of it’s X-PAC specification. I think it’s a well-balanced bag.”


With the special bonfire equipment, the mountains of Nagano are perfect for solo campers.

Harunaga Ogawa / MITARIWORKS Design

In charge of designing Mitari Works, a new garage brand that started this season. The bonfire with a detailed design is the main business, has already become a hot topic among campers. If he has time, you can enjoy light bushcraft on the vast land land owned by Yamanashi Mountain. Instagram: @kyng_gw,

Mr. Ogawa says that in addition to his 10-year family camp history, he has also enjoyed solo camps in the last few years. “For me, the real thrill of solo camp is the bonfire. It’s a tense mountain where you might encounter bears and wild boars, and the sharpened feeling of darkness is irresistible.”

It seems that there is a mountain in Ueda, Nagano prefecture, and he plans to go to it this fall and enjoy a solo camp focusing mainly on the bonfire.


1.BUSHMEN hammock / 2. Skittle bought online / 3. BAHCO hatchet / 4. KA-BAR BK2 / 5. EAGLE Products kettle and ZEBRA lunch box / 6. Trangia Mestin / 7. Platypus Big zip / 8. Tschum kama 1P (tent) / 9. BUSHMEN tarp / 10. ONE by MW paraffin canvas staff sack / 11. Silky big boy / 12. BUCK KNIVES BUCKTOOL / 13. Italian army jacket bought at a used store / 14. Casio G-shock / 15. CRUD glove / 16. Tschum pole / 17. SNUGPAK tactical bag / 18. FEUER HAND lantern / 19. JBL Bluetooth speaker and Mobile Battery & Portable Radio bought online / 20. SOTO Micro Torch and Regulator Stob / 21. LLBean Boots / 22. MITARI WORKS TAKIBI STAND S / 23. Nalgene Stainless Bottle and ONE by MW Paraffin Canvas Bottle Staff Sack / 24. NANGA’s Schruff / 25. Tschum’s soswa 2P (tent)

Mr. Ogawa’s gear lineup for solo mountaineering is fully equipped to enjoy the bonfire, such as large saws, hatchets, and gloves, because he designed the bonfire of Mitari Works. In addition, a manly style is incorporated with heavy-duty gear such as military jackets, Zac, bean boots, and a stainless steel bottle charred by an open flame and a kochel.

With the Nissan Stagea, which he has been riding since he was a college student, more than 20 years ago, he set out on a bonfire in the empty mountains. He is not particular about the gear to be loaded, and he seems to choose gems that match his sensibility.

“I don’t limit the brand or manufacturer, I love cool and cost-effective products.”

Three must-have items for Mr. Ogawa.

  1. MITARI WORKS bonfire

This bonfire is sure to become an iconic model as the first gear designed by Mitari Works. With a simple structure consisting of 3 plates and a grate, it can be installed and removed quickly. The high expandability that allows you to add an optional plate or top plate, and the unique design are also attractive.

“I just released it in September. I was in charge of the design. The smallest S does not enter if it is a large firewood, and ash tends to accumulate. To be honest, it takes time, but the condition is just right. You can immerse yourself in the amount of care you have to take. ”

  1. Radio set for mountain cages

A trio of Bluetooth speakers, portable radios, and mobile batteries that you must carry with you to avoid animals. The speaker is JBL’s Charge 4, which can play continuously for up to 20 hours and is the best model for outdoor activities with IPX7 grade waterproof function.

“In order to avoid encounters with wild animals, a radio that can make sounds is essential in the mountains. In addition, we need a large speaker so that humans can appeal to animals with their voice, so I chose JBL, which I can trust. I also like to drink while listening to the sounds in the dark, so radio is a must in that respect as well.”

  1. ONE by MW staff sack

The gear sack that Mr. Ogawa is currently trying and testing out uses paraffin-processed canvas that is tough and hydrophobic. The final commercial model is also aiming for tough specifications that are compatible with the outdoors.

“It’s a prototype for putting an Eagle Products kettle and zebra pot, a Nalgene stainless steel bottle, etc. It’s easier to use than I expected, and the canvas feels cool, so I already like it. It will be released from ONE by MW which is a line that I personally really like.”

It seems that there are many high-spec gears chosen by these two people who face the challenges of the mountains seriously. Although they have different purposes, they both realized a unique style by interweaving their own particular items with the minimum necessary equipment. The unified equipment that suits each scene is definitely a reference for choosing your own solo camp gear!

Photo/Takuma Utoo