Autumn solo camping plan and must-have gear. Research on 5 fashionable outdoor experts! Vol.2

3 years ago

Solo camping has been explosively popular in recent years. This year’s event is particularly exciting, as it allows you to enjoy yourself at your own pace, which you can’t enjoy in a camp with a large number of people, and also has the advantage of social distancing during the current pandemic.

However, even if you say solo camping, each person has their own scene and style. The equipment you bring depends on how you enjoy it.

So, we asked five fashionable outdoor enthusiasts how to enjoy this autumn’s solo camp and their must-have gear! n the second installment, we will introduce three styles of enjoying outdoor activities, such as food, bicycles, and art.

Camp touring to find a good spot in Yamanashi!

Satoshi Kaneko / bluelug Hatagaya store mechanic

In charge of mechanics at Blue Lug, a popular shop that handles all items related to bicycles. He seems to have begun to be involved in making original products as well. “Recently, we have released socks and handles. We will continue to make various things, so stay tuned!”

Kaneko, who used to be a Messenger. Ever since he returned home by bicycle with a bag on his back, be aware of solo camp.

“I didn’t have the money (laughs). At that time, I didn’t have all the equipment, so I was camping in tunnels, parks, riverbanks, etc. where there were no people. Including that, I’ve been solo camping for about 10 years.”

Kaneko, who loves the nature of Yamanashi, is planning to spend there this season too! “There are still many wonderful spots in Yamanashi, so I’m thinking of exploring deeper.”

1.CRUST BIKES dreamer / 2. ULTRA ROMANCE fabio’s chest / 3. swift industries jr ranger pannier / 4. illuminite cycling wear (used clothes) / 5. giro mat / 6. NEMO mat / 7. NEMO tent / 8. Softcream knit cap with change of clothes / 9. Bluelug bespoke SOCKGUY socks / 10. NEMO shruff / 11. Tubeless repair / 12. Portable hand pump / 13. Punk repair kit (multi-tool, replacement tube, quick patch) / 14. Underwear in fair whether staff sack / 15. Tent pole / 16. LLBean fleece pants / 17. fair whether packable rain poncho / 18. VANS slip-on

Compact packing is required for an expedition with a small bicycle, but that is to be expected from a member of the Blue Lug staff. The equipment is so minimal that you can’t imagine it being used for camping at all.

You have large items such as tents, sleeping bags, and relaxing pants necessary for camping nights, as well as needing to carry maintenance tools in case of emergency. It seems that experienced campers have a sophisticated and minimalistic method of packing that makes full use of staff sacks and even repair tools.

By the way, his travel companion is the CRUST BIKES DREAMER. It seems that he chose a frame that also supports thick tires so that he can go on a slightly rough road and be comfortable wherever he goes. “Originally, it’s a light packing, and it seems to be often used as a fast touring bike. However, this setup is a good match for me.”

Kaneko’s 3 must-have items.

  1. Swift Industries pannier bag and Ultra Romance front bag

A pannier bag to be attached to the side of the bicycle wheel and a front bag for the handlebar. In particular, the swift industries pannier bag features a charming design similar to a daypack.

In addition to high visibility, the 90’s outdoor style vivid orange coloring is a key point. Although it is not a highly water resistant material, it has a roll-top design, so it can handle light rain.

“The pannier bag contains a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, etc. used in the campsite. At the front, I put clothes that can respond immediately to changes in the weather, food and beer, and things that I want to take out immediately. If you have a dynamo light that can generate electricity itself, you can rest easy even late at night. ”

  1. Fair weather packable rain poncho

Packable poncho from Fairweather, who make packable and storable items for bicycles.

Invista’s CORDURA® ripstop nylon fabric is used because it is light, durable and waterproof. In addition, thanks to the seam seal treatment applied to the entire surface, it is a tough specification that prevents water from entering at the stitched part. If you tighten the hem, it won’t flap about even if you are riding a bicycle.

“I bought it instead of a light outerwear two years ago. I took it on my first business trip to the United States and it is studded with signs written by a local cyclist. I use it without any maintenance, so it’s amazing it doesn’t seem worn by the rain at all. It can be folded compactly and is indispensable when going out. ”

  1. L.L.Bean fleece denim pants

Denim pants with fleece material as the lining for protection against the cold. The loaded parts are reinforced with durable double stitching, bar tack and riveting. Kaneko uses it as a relaxing pair of pants at the campsite rather than while riding.

“I think this is the reason why I’m putting pressure on my packing limits (laughs). However, they are insanely warm, and the silhouette is moderately loose, so they’re easy to move in, and durable. I take them with me every time during this season up every time during this time. If anyone knows of any lighter and more durable warm pants please let me know”.


Autumn lakeside camp that you can enjoy elegantly even with a backpack style.

Kunihiro Tsujii / Office Borsch PR Director

For the past few years, he has often been involved in outdoor activities and sports, and every day he tries to become more familiar with outdoor gear and active scenes even in his private life. On sunny weekends, he also practices activities such as solo camping and vertical mountaineering.

Mr. Tsujii, who has been solo camping for 6 to 7 years, seems to like the area around Okutama Station.

“I don’t want to think about anything extra, so I basically camp in a familiar place. I check the weather on the weekends and prepare the day before. Take a nap or draw a picture on a stone at the end of the day. I make a bonfire, read, drink and sleep. ”

Mr. Tsujii, who enjoys his own outdoor time at his own pace, is considering a lakeside camp at Fuji Five Lakes such as Lake Motosu this autumn. “It would be great if I could see the autumn leaves at the same time as viewing the lake.”

1.NOMADIX sweat-absorbent quick-drying towel / 2. Trail Designs Cuben fiber stuff sack / 3. ZERO GRAM UL tent / 4. NATAL DESIGN x Helinox sunset chair / 5. chi-bee leopard print cap / 6. Jack Wolfskin duffle back 65L / 7. HALF TRACK PRODUCTS chair dust back / 8. Lights (NoBox tape light, WHOLE EARTH swing pendant light, Ledlenser lantern ML4, headlight) / 9. Alexander Lee Chang x HALF TRACK PRODUCTS Lantern Shade / 10. Hilleberg Tarp 5/11. OOFOS x EL DORESO Recovery Sandals / 12. Whole earth Cooler Box / 13. Bottle with Weighing Cup for Medical Use / 14. TOAKS Titanium Windshield / 15. Sanpos’ Fun Lite Gear alcohol stove / 16. What will be will be leather covered soto gas burner / 17. Peregrine Furniture Armadillo table / 18. OLD MOUNTAIN cochamachan set / 19. Jack Wolfskin’s anorak shell jacket / 20. NIKON action camera / 21. JINDAIJI MOUNTAIN WORKS packman vest / 22. Hydro Flask stainless steel bottle, cooler cup / 23. and wander rain skirt / 24. answer4 trekking pole (for tarp pole), and Chaos carbon pole (For tent pole) / 25. Ruler and paint palette / 26. NEMO air mat / 27. Patagonia sleeping bag / 28. PUEBCO cold storage bag / 29. JINDAIJI MOUNTAIN WORKS hill billy pot 550/30. Narugen bottle with persimmon pie / 31. Orange backpackers cup / 32. 4w1h hot sand solo / 33. PUEBCO water repellent case with pegs and hammers / 34. factory-b titanium table / 35. Trail Designs cube Fiber pouch, ULTRA HEAVY cutlery, MSR light lifter, ULTRA LUNCH wooden spatula / 36. SCREEN STARS x chi-bee print T-shirt / 37. inavance hanger / 38. FIMO oven clay / 39. CIE Nylon square pouch and acrylic paint

Mr. Tsujii’s solo camp set that he often carries in a backpack style.

While UL gears such as zero-gram tents and alcohol stoves are available, there are also plenty of tools for solo play such as paints, clay, and action cameras for enjoying loose art locally.

In addition, there are unique items such as Puebuco’s cool bag with cute meat graphics, tie-dye pattern style staff sack, Chevy’s T-shirt, and multiple lights for walking in the middle of the night. Including pop color coordination, it’s a fun and unique lineup with a daring “mash up” feeling.

“Recently, I’m using a Boston bag that I can carry on my back. I don’t have to worry about the weight because my favorite gear has become ultra light, and above all, it’s good that the contents look loose. With backpacks, there are quite a few items that I forgot to bring with me until I was ready to go home (laughs). ”

Three must-have items for Mr. Tsujii.

  1. Outdoor Art Set (Acrylic Paint and Clay)

Mr. Tsujii enjoys creating art that he can’t usually do because he is a solo artist who can spend his time freely. CIE’s nylon square pouch, which has an attractive texture like natural fibers, contains goods such as paints, clay, and palettes. As it is a waterproof pouch, you can rest assured that even delicate storage items will be safe from rain.

“I like the time when I can be indifferent, and I can freely draw faces on the stones I picked up. I can only draw one or two each time, but when the collection grows and the color variations become more fulfilling, it looks like art! (Laughs) I’m preparing to challenge myself by using clay this time. ”

  1. OLD MOUNTAIN’s Cochamachan

Old Mountain’s “Kokamachan” is a set of 250 deep titanium Sierra cups, leather grips, and a wooden lid for a cauldron. You can eat just 0.5 go of freshly cooked rice for one person. Although it is not a lightweight item, it is a key item that helps to create an enjoyable meal time.

“It may be a little different in the gear that sticks to UL principles, but it is an item that makes you happy more than the weight of it will bother you. Being able to eat delicious white rice in nature is perfect! I bought it for such an experience. I also use it for mountain climbing, but after all it’s best to accompany curry and yakiniku while camping.”

  1. Jack Wolfskin’s Boston bag

A large-capacity 65L Boston bag with a shoulder strap that can be used in a backpack style. Durable and waterproof 1680D ballistic material, so it can be used ruggedly without worrying about wear and tear. The U-shaped zipper opening that opens wide not only makes it easy to put in and take out items, but also enhances the visibility of luggage inside.

“It’s biggest advantage compared to a general backpack is that it’s easy to check what’s stored inside. However, I bought a Salsa cycles Journeyman to go to a bicycle camp at Tempura Cycle the other day. I’m wondering if it would be possible to take this one on a bicycle camping trip as well.”


Enjoy the taste of autumn with a functional cockpit style!

Yuta Takahashi / Color at Against Owner

Since 2013, he has been operating a USED & NEW select shop in Yoyogi-Uehara. He also likes to go camping two or three times a month. As is to be expected of the owner of a shop that also sells used items, he actually enjoys camping with used outdoor clothing. HP:

Mr. Takahashi, a heavy camper who goes camping a couple of times a month, although he has only been camping for about a year, enjoys meals while camping, surrounded by his favorite gear.

“I usually enjoy bonfires and cooking with the cockpit style. However, until now, the purpose was camping, but I’ve come to think that it’s a way to enjoy other activities gradually. From now on, I want to try fishing and mountain climbing. I also want to challenge MTB, so I am trying to minimize the luggage accordingly. ”

He plans to try new fishing this fall while refining his cockpit style. “I want to camp by the lake and enjoy fishing! I also like cooking, so I want to taste autumn ingredients.”

1.Color at Against cap / 2. REI’s GORE-TEX Mt. Parka (used clothes) / 3. Air mat bought at amazon / 4. Multi-wire rack bought at Nordisk / 5. Supreme x SOG ax / 6. Primus Cooker / 7. NERDY MOUNTAIN WORKS THA ZACPAC 30-35L / 8. LLBean fishing vest (used clothes) / 9. SEATOSUMMIT compression bag / 10. Southfield gas lantern / 11. UNIFLAME windshield / 12. GENTOS LED lantern / 13. Black Diamond headlight / 14. Hennessy Hammock hammock / 15. SOTO pocket torch / 16. OPINEL knife / 17. mont-bell mug / 18. MORAKNIV knife / 19. Primus ultra spider / 20. Yokozawa Teppan iron plate / 21. MSR kitchen set / 22. Forest incense set / 23. Carhartt’s bore glove / 24. NREDY MOUNTAIN WORKS storage bag / 25. OGAWA table

Mr. Takahashi’s gear set aims for a minimalist style. Starting with a hammock tent, a handaxe, mesh table, Yokozawa Teppan, Mora knife and forest incense set, etc., the lineup is minimal but highly practical.

Coupled with the taste of old clothes such as L.L.Bean’s vest and REI’s mountain parka, the item selection has an atmosphere like an American forester, and you can feel the individuality of Mr. Takahashi who runs a USED clothes shop.

“Since I mainly stay in hammocks, the inspiration of my camping set is the forest. Normally, I pack it considering the weight, but steak on an iron plate is indispensable! The Yokozawa Teppan is a must.”

Three must-have items for Mr. Takahashi.

  1. Hennessy Hammock hammock tent

A classic model from a prestigious hammock maker. It is a masterpiece that is easy to set up and comes with a fly sheet that protects you from the sun and a mesh mosquito net. It is renowned as having the same sleeping comfort as a high-quality mattress and is loved by many solo campers.

“This is the model that inspired me to start the hammock style. It was made with military items, and at first it was designed to enter from below, and there were quite a lot of elements that appealed to me personally, so I bought it without hesitation. Isn’t it cool?”

  1. Yokozawa Teppan’s iron plate

A5 size compact iron plate made of steel material with a thickness of about 5 mm and a weight of about 1 kg, developed by Mr. Teppei Yokozawa, who is active as a writer and angler. It is a popular item that is talked about when the ingredients are efficiently heated and any ingredients can be baked deliciously.

“Anyway, it’s fun to bake meat and vegetables using this. It’s the best to cook steak. It’s heavy if it’s a camp that has other purposes such as activities as well as relaxing at the camp site. It’s a lower priority, but it’s an absolute ace for a relaxing solo camp. ”

  1. L.L.Bean Fishing Vest

This piece, which is a model from the early ’90s but in very good condition, is a gift from a friend who is a regular at Color at Against. It has a high storage capacity, and it is convenient to wear it even in situations where you are not fishing.

“My friend bought me a souvenir from Thailand. I’ll lose things easily, so a pocket-filled fishing vest really helps. If you get rid of any small items, you can greatly reduce the missing gear. There are some gears that I stuffed in too much and broke (laughs). ”

From food to bicycles to art, they showed off how to enjoy the three different methods of solo camping carefree and safely. They maximized the enjoyment of solo camp by bringing hobby items with them while keeping them in a minimalistic packing.

Camping with friends is fun, but it’s also fun to immerse yourself in your own world with your favorite gear. In order to find out the reason for the accelerating popularity of solo camps this fall, why not try adventuring outside alone?

Photo/Takuma Utoo