The definitive version of a solo bonfire!? Tent-Mark’s all-titanium 500g ultra-lightweight bonfire.

3 years ago

The private brand “tent-Mark DESIGNS” from the outdoor shop “Wild-1”, whose unique gear collaborated with outdoor masters has become increasingly popular. This ultra-lightweight solo bonfire, scheduled for release in mid-November, has already become a hot topic among campers.

tent-Mark DESIGNS「Men’s Grill Plate」¥9900

Mr. A-suke, the manager of the outdoor cafe “BASE CAMP” in Suidobashi, Tokyo, has produced the “Men’s Grill Plate” designed by Tent-mark. He loves the “manly” camp style, and has created the ideal bonfire with Tent-mark Design, the ultra-lightweight all-titanium bonfire “Men’s Fire Grill”.

Many small bonfires require complicated assembly, but this bonfire has a one-touch structure that allows you to spread its legs and use it immediately, and when you are done using it, you can quickly fold it up and put it away. The storage is also compact (310 x 165 x 15 mm), which is smaller than that of a Mac Book Air (304.1 x 212.4 x 16.1 mm).

Despite the size being primarily for solo camping, it is also big enough for throwing in large firewood. In addition, if you attach a support bar, it has a tough structure that can hold a pot with a total weight of up to 4 kg, making it ideal for bonfire cooking.

It comes with a titanium trivet, and if you have a Sierra cup or a solo kochel, you can put two on it for heat retention and cooking. You can also cook meat ruggedly and deliciously by setting and using the separately sold “Men’s Grill Plate”.

Release is scheduled for mid-November. Although it is all titanium, the price is less than 10,000 yen, and it is small, lightweight, one-touch, and bonfire cooking is OK, so it seems like it will be very popular, so early reservation is recommended.



Material: Body … Pure titanium / Tripod … Pure titanium / Support bar … Pure titanium / Storage case … Polyester

Assembly size: (approx.) 250 x 200 x 150 (height) mm

Storage size: (approx.) 310 x 165 x 15 (height) mm

Weight: Total weight (approx.) 493g (including trivet / support bar / storage case) Withstand load: 4 kg (static load / when using support bar)

Accessories: Tripod, support bar x 2, storage case

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