Where did you get them? Three new pieces of gear that are inevitable to gain popularity, and you can be proud of at this autumn camp.

3 years ago

As the autumn holiday season begins, campsites around the world are bustling. As the seasons change, the desire for new gear will increase just as much as the desire to camp.

This time, we have picked up three functional yet aesthetically beautiful gears that are likely to break through in the future, which were discovered at TOKYO OUTDOOR WEEKEND 2020 where popular brands gathered. Introducing these groundbreaking newcomers that you can be proud of if you bring them to the camp this fall.



Lantern hanger Lloyd wood ¥12800

From the garage brand “CampOoparts”, which has groundbreaking gear such as the boomerang table and tent fireplace and is popular with fashionable campers, we have picked up these lantern hangers with attractive industrial design.

A collaborative model with an artistic iron hook designed by an iron writer of the garage camp brand “gravity-equipment” attached to oak wood. It is a hanger mainly for LED lanterns. Therefore, the load resistance is about 1 kg, and it is compatible with poles of 22 to 32 mm.

With a lantern hanger like this it that can be used as the interior of a campsite, which will really help to create a great autumnal atmosphere.




“Diba Diba BB2” from Kokoro Camp, a Korean brand that produces fire pillars and smoke-free barbecue grills.

The DIBA DIBA grill has a special structure that makes it difficult for the oil that comes out when grilling meat over charcoal to fall into the charcoal below, so it is a groundbreaking new design that makes it difficult to burn meat, making it comfortable to use and delicious.

This model has a space for charcoal and a grill base that receives ash and radiant heat, so you can easily enjoy barbecueing. Also, it is a nice point that it is a 2WAY specification that can be used as a stove if you remove the grill base.

The DIBA DIBA grill, which solves the problems of charcoal barbecue where meat tends to burn, is noteworthy.



Takibi Stand ¥17600〜

The bonfire stand “Takibi Stand”, can be said to be the flagship model of the new camping gear brand “Mitari Works” that started this season. It has an easy setup and compact structure that can be completed simply by combining three plates and a grill plate, and you can also cook on an open fire if you have the separately sold trivets.

In addition, if you combine one plate sold separately as an optional item with a set of square grill plates, you can increase the size, which is also nice. And the rugged and precise design made by hollowing out steel is also a key point.

This has a bushcraft-like wild taste, and it seems to be very popular due to the recent solo camp boom.