A stylish lacquered thermo mug. Introducing the classic bottle and tumbler with a Japanese pattern.

3 years ago

It has become commonplace to carry a bottle not only for outdoor leisure but also for business. You can carry your favorite coffee or tea brewed at home and drink it on the go, and the cost performance is excellent! It seems to be most useful in the coming season when it gets colder.

The Thermo Mug bottle introduced this time offers something new. A “lacquer” finish is applied!


Lacquer, a traditional craft, is used for tableware and furniture and is treated as a luxury item. I was surprised that it was incorporated into a stainless steel bottle!

This lacquered bottle is made by carefully applying natural lacquer by the craftsmen at “Tsuchina lacquer ware” known for Echizen lacquer ware, which has a history of about 1500 years. It is of higher quality than general resin coating, and it is also attractive it ages well as you use it.

Umbrella bottles with the image of a folding umbrella are available in two sizes: 300 ml (¥ 5500 ~) in the photo and 190 ml in mini size.

Of course, there is no lack of usable quality because it has a vacuum double-layered stainless steel structure, which is synonymous with Thermo Mug who are known for their products heat and cold insulation!

Mobile tumblers (starting from ¥ 6050) and tea tumblers are also available with the same materials and construction, so it is also recommended for home use.

The patterns vary depending on the product, but there are designs with Japanese characters such as checkers, arabesques, cherry blossoms, and bird and beast caricatures. There are two colors available, black and vermilion.

The bottles and tumblers in this lacquer series, which combine the latest vacuum insulation technology and the traditional lacquer technology, are guarantee to provide customer satisfaction!

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