Ultra Light system that shines bright in the city. All eyes on the up-and-coming gear brand “Platform” this fall!

3 years ago

A new brand that connects the city and the outdoors with the skillful use of materials.

Up-and-coming garage gear brand “PLATFORM” based in Miyagi prefecture. It is a new brand that proposes versatile gear for towns, mountains, and travel, with the desire to “get close to encounters with new scenery through gear.”

One of the key features is that it uses UL-based high-performance materials such as Cuben fiber and X-Pac, which are popular in outdoor wear. Of course, water-stop fasteners are also used, and they are proud that it can be used for full-scale physical activities.


Three functionally beautiful items released by Platform.

Platform is currently developing three items: shoulder bags, waist bags, and mini pouches. Introducing these functionally beauty items that combine specifications that are compatible with mountain travel as well as stylishness that fits in the city.

  1. Roll-top type 2WAY bag

Pot ¥6380 ~ ¥8250

Vase-shaped shoulder and waist bag. The key point is that you can put things in and take them out with one hand because it is zipperless. The size is about W200 x H160 x D70 mm, so you can put plenty of small items such as smartphones, wallets, compasses, and snacks.

The front is rolled and fixed with a buckle, but if things are taken in and out frequently, it can be folded forward without rolling.

  1. Easy to use waist pouch

Spare Pocket ¥6380 ~ ¥8250

A waist pouch that is not too big and not too small and has an exquisite size. It is designed considering the angle of the fastener that makes it easy to take out luggage and the direction of the center of gravity when it is attached. The size is about W190 x H120 x D80 mm.

The wrinkle-like texture unique to Cuben fiber and the light weight of about 50g are also attractive features.

  1. Hexagonal mini pouch that can be opened with your fingers!

Zenigame Assort ¥2200

This is a hexagon-shaped coin case that looks like a turtle shell, and I am happy that it is easy to open and close the zipper and take out the coins inside by passing your fingers through the loops on both sides.

Besides coins, it can also be used as a key case or pill case! * Color is assorted

A collection of items from Platform with a perfect balance of a robustness but with a casual atmosphere that is easy to use in everyday life, despite the full-scale specifications that make full use of UL materials. It is likely to become a new standard for outdoor fashion brands.

■Nicetime tel:03-6809-0109 https://www.haveanicetime.jp/fs/hant/c/platform