Garage brands are on fire with their bonfire gear! We bring you carefully selected personal favorites from fashionable campers

4 years ago

The season is getting colder and it’s a great time for a bonfire. In addition to just watching the fire, selecting your favorite gear is also a big part of the fun. Starting with a fire bed, you’ll want to have everything from fire tongs to fire blasters.

Not only mainstream brands, but garage and indie brands have gained a lot of popularity recently via outlets such as Instagram. With so much choice it’s easy to get lost and not find the right gear so first we would like to refer to the gold standard used by all senior campers!

Here we will present some of our favorite picks of unique bonfire gear that we found during the coverage of our acclaimed separate volume GO OUT “THE CAMP STYLE BOOK 14”.


01. The iron gear from Sanzok Mountain is already a classic bonfire set!

mouncol  ¥35800、derutas  ¥39800

It’s no exaggeration to say that indie brand Sanzoku Mountain is one of the hottest current brands in the camping scene.

This is the bonfire stand “Mouncol”, the bonfire table “Derutas” and the fire blaster “Kisu”. This collection of iron gear ages well with use and will really appeal to any true outdoorsman.

All the bonfire themed gear works great as a set so we would really like to recommend them as a full series of products!



02. Tripath Products unique name and design! The Guru Guru Fire.

GURU GURU FIRE  M  ¥25704 / S  ¥20304 / XS  ¥15984

This bonfire stand from Hokkaido based Tripath Products is unique enough to unexpectedly stop you in your tracks when you see it.

The name Guru Guru in Japanese means to wrap or swirl around and represents the 3 dimensional design perfectly. It has great combustion efficiency and the fire can easily be seen. All of the connecting parts can be separated and therefore easily fit inside a square dish to be packed away.



03. Luxurious leather log carrier from Campig.


While initially looking like a firewood stand it can also be used as a log carrier. By using four pegs it can also become stationary by fixing to the ground.

It seems as if the Campig leather log carrier was purchased at online store I Love Bonfire (ILBF). It is made using premium quality pig leather whose color will change and age with use which adds an extra element of charm and uniqueness to this already enticing product.



04. The bonfire tool hanger from Sea Mountain Gear makes an immediate impression.


This flame shaped tool hanger has been released by outdoor shop Sea Mountain Gear as an original brand.

The design is simple to assemble by inserting 2 poles into the ground and hanging the tool rack in between. This also makes it compact when stored and will add an extra flavor to any campsite.



05. The Kaze-Hanger Compact V4 is a beautiful minimalist design from Kazemachi Tools.

kaze hanger compact V4 ¥17380

The KazeMachi Tool store is based in Kyoto and offers a wide array of outdoor gear and lifestyle goods. This bonfire hanger is one of their original creations. It is made from black leather and unpainted iron, making it durable and compact.

Both V-shaped hanger parts can be utilized and the size is just right to hook and decorate with your favorite camping tools.



06. You can choose your own color with the log carrier from K&R.

At first glance this bag from Instagram brand K&R might look like a normal bag deisgn, but it is in fact a log carrier.

You can choose the fabric and belt color, so you can customize the design. The legs used when using as a firewood stand are made of iron and stainless steel.

If you unfold and expand the gusset that is folded inside it can be also used as storage for camping gear.



Liven up your campsite with items from garage brands!

The best part about a bonfire is that they are easy to assemble and the atmosphere changes with the flames. There are many brands that pay attention to these small details with products that have unique features and designs. The garage scene for outdoor brands is always developing and to keep ahead of the latest trends we recommend to keep your eye out for the newest bonfire advancements.